Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair You Wear

Case of the Mondays?

Here's some hair inspiration to help you out.

Top Knots to beat the heat
(115 for all us Zonies tomorrow!)

Is there anything better than what you see below?

Reese's Creamy blonde. LOVE.

Jen's Angled Bob.

Compete with the heat. Red-hot hair!


Brenn said...

WAAHHH. I cut my hair just short enough that I can't do my wonderful, full, beautiful top knot that I've been rocking almost every day!! I love my new hair, but this has been hard to bear. Boooo.

Bakers said...


jennifer a said...

I'm loving the top knot lately -- or the tangled tousled beacy waves -- but it's all probably because I'm just too lazy to actually DO my hair....
Love your guys' blog! :)