Friday, June 24, 2011

do your ears hang low?

Fashion Tip Friday

You're about to get an
about how much an earring can do for an outfit.

They can be just the perfect pop of color or accent to make your ensemble work. I was just in the process of finding some for myself when I thought I would share my "cart" with our readers. Because, let's face it, 9 pairs of earrings for $38 is something to blog about!

Just imagine the possibilities with these goodies:

My closest friends and family would tell you that I have a "thing" for turquoise/blue jewelry. And they would be right. But I'm trying to expand my horizons. Did you see the other colors in there? I'm patting myself on the back as we speak.

a big thanks to Forever 21 for letting us be so fashionable on so little a dime, and from where all these jewlies were founded. go now.


Britney Jean said...

i miss earrings. not sure why i stopped wearing them in the first place. hmmm...looks like i'll be starting up again! i have such cute ones that i should really be utilizing them!

thanks for the reminder. and CUTE finds! love F21!

Laura Burtis said...

Soooo dang cute!! I love F21 jewelry! They are always so fun and affordable!! {The yellow ones are my fave!! :)}