Wednesday, May 11, 2011

unlikely duos

I've always been a fan of mismatched pairs. In food (PB and marshmallow creme sandwich), in my personal life (my sweet, down-to-earth husband vs. me ... enough said), and in fashion.

You all know of my affinity for pairing unlikely colors together to create a color combo that is unexpected.
Tip: You may try this at home.

The trick is to think of color wheel opposites and jewel tones.

For those of you non-artists out there, here's a basic color wheel. You will be safe to choose colors that are directly across from each other when deciding on color schemes (if we are being technical, these are called complimentary colors).
But who wants to be safe in fashion? Explore color combos that speak to you and make your heart smile!

A few of my favorites?

Cobalt and coral

Mustard and purple
Mustard and navy

Mustard and red

Emerald and turquoise

Magenta and turquoise

Have you caught my drift? Mustard and turquoise look good with basically everything.

oooh, note to self: try mustard and turquoise together.


Julie said...

Totally agree! I'm loving coral and turquoise right now!!

Cori said...

I just wore mustard and turquoise together yesterday. It's pretty much awesome. Just in case you were wondering...