Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TomKat: rediscovered

Sometimes people surprise you.
Like Katie Holmes and her recent freakin' fantasticness.
And despite the title of this post, we still don't like the Tom in the TomKat equation {why is he so weird?}

Kate's (yes, we chose to call her by her older, more sophisticated name) hair has been shine-alicious as of late. This glossy perfection can be achieved by getting a shine treatment or by being dipped in keratin (both of which H is glad to offer you).

Anything that smells remotely reminiscent of Jackie O gets our vote.

Dear Chanel, please make your signature blazers more affordable so that we too can be a class act like Kate.

A dreamy tall glass of water swathed in magenta.
(Holmes & Yang)
KH on the Oprah finale..LOVE this outfit and color combo.

Kate has come a long way since her Joey Potter days, that's for sure!


Laura Burtis said...

I was totally thinking that she is so "hit & miss" today when I saw a couple of pics on She has definitely been looking much better lately! I love her in that magenta dress! Gorgeous!

Jenna said...

who is the designer of that magenta dress?? that is gorgeous.

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

Jenna: it's from her own Holmes & Yang line! We die over the color!!