Monday, May 16, 2011

Swim Suit Season II

Why do I always feel the need to have a new swimsuit?
Does anyone else feel the same??
Let's be honest, it's not the swimsuit shopping we all look forward to. {most of us anyway}

But how can you not just fall in love with these beauties?
I beg you to help me choose one. Ready? Go!

1. Anthropologie

2. Anthropologie
3. Anthropologie
4. Anthropologie

5. Anthropologie {are we catching a theme yet?}
5. J Crew {surprise!}
6. J Crew

7 Anthropologie

Also, the winner of our $100 Spa Finder giveaway is now posted on The Beauty Mark Gives!


Jen said...

Lovin #4

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

Let me add these beauts to your consideration:

loving the rufflers!

Laura Burtis said...

All of them are so stinking cute! I really do heart Anthropologie! {I just wish they were a little bit more affordable ;)}. My fave one piece is definitely #1 - totally classic and adorable! And two piece: I love #7 - I love that the bottoms are covering up more!! So cute!

Jen said...

my fave is #5!

lyric said...

I am in LOVE with #5... but they are all so stinkin cute!

Carrie said...

Well if I could wear a two piece and not be shunned by my inlaws i'd definitely go for #7. Wear that and I'll live vicariously.

Erin Angelene said...

Oh im so in love with #7..sigh..But I just had a baby so thats not gonna happen anytime soon. I say buy it..but buy a one peice or a tankini too..Im obsessed with right now. SERIOUSLY check it out. It is all Audrey Hephburn style. My fav fav is the retro one piece w/ light blue polka dots with red sash. Delish! Oh and there is a black tankini with little cap sleeves. WHo would have thought? Its my #2 fav!

Erin Angelene said...

Here is that website! You wont be dissapointed!