Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding

We wouldn't be a legit fashion and style blog if we didn't mention (i.e. pick apart) this weekend's Royal Wedding. Let me just disclaimer you that I was the biggest skeptic of all thinking, "WHY do we care about this wedding?" BUT now I am all up in the hoopla of it all, reveling in the fashion (handmade couture gowns!), glamour (hello, Beckhams!), and extravagance (reportedly tens of millions were spent) of it all.

First of all, let's talk hats. Why in the world do I not have an occasion to bust out a headpiece such as these (insert whiny voice and feet stomping). I am positively dying over these hats. Which one is your favorite?

Now, onto the main attraction:

First of all, Kate is beyond gorg. Her hair and makeup look fab and she is the exact embodiment of what a princess should be.

The dress: Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (interesting choice of designer, no?)I LOVE this dress. She looks like a class act and, dare I say, Princess. I love how modest and timeless it is. She looks absolutely breathtaking and I have yet to find someone who didn't just worship her wedding look (plus her tiara is borrowed from the Queen. hello, fancy-pants!)

Let's address a couple wedding day rumours (yes, I used the British spelling of the word):

*Did Kate do her own makeup?
According to reports: YES (and she used Bobbi Brown products)

*Why did Pippa wear white to the wedding?
According to Kate, Pippa is now the most eligible bachelorette in England, so Kate wanted her to shine on the wedding day (that's some sisterly love right there. I don't know that I would have been that generous with my big day. Then again, it wasn't televised for all to see.)

*Just how many people tuned in for the Big Event?
Although there are no confirmed estimates for the entire world (some are saying 2 billion, yes BILLion), it has been officially reported that about 23 million Americans tuned in to the royal extravaganza.

Now for the couple. Do we feel like they love each other? I don't like that they can't be outwardly affectionate. I for one could never be a royal. I am way too opinionated (what? you didn't notice?) and there is no way I would treat my beloved like some distant relative. AND I am pretty sure I would be quite the embarrassment to the royal family, what with my lack of proper manners and all.

Anyway, back to the wedding.

I'm surprised they even got a picture of the infamous kiss. It was so short. Like, blink of an eye, one frame on the camera-short. I hear that after the first kiss, the online media was blowing up in disappointment over the spark-less peck. Hence, the second kiss.

How did you feel about the second dress of the night? Another Sarah Burton confection. Once again, I die.

Now for a little Pippa talk. I didn't love her dress for the actual wedding, but it is quite possible that I simply couldn't get over the color. The shape does look good on her though.

LOVE her in this emerald Alice Temperley gown. Her body is amazing!

Pippa leaving the wedding festivities. LOVE this nautical classic look for her.

What the Joss Stone?

Dear Beckhams,
You make any party more fabulous. Especially when Victoria is all pregnant and such. V: you look good with some weight on you. Can't wait to see baby girl.

Last, but not least.
The Queen and I will have to agree to disagree on her yellow slash Big Bird ensemble. No disrespect, of course, your Highness. I know you are rich so I am sure you can purchase a certifiably honest opinion from your loyal subjects. Next time, hire someone who will tell you when an outfit is totally outdated and unflattering.

I am kind of obsessed with the royal family now. So shoot me.


Scott+Tiffany said...

Um yeah I was dying over the hats. It made me wish I was British and could go to tea parties/ be a princess : )

love_b said...

I totally stayed up and watched the whole thing ahah, I also heard that no one is allowed to wear the same color the queen wears.. BUT they said she picked that dress out that morning, how would any one know not to wear yellow that day?? crazy!

kent and liz said...

I stayed up til 3AM last night watching all of the shows (pre-wedding/wedding/ect.)of this wedding that I had recorded, grinning the entire time. LOVE Kate's dress. LOVED their sweet simple kiss. Am now going to celebrity stock William and Kate.

Becah said...

This is rather unrelated, but I was bored the other day and came across a website that's fabulous:) just thought you guys might like it- Hope you all like it!