Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Hot Mamas

a summer trend so hot we couldn't help but notice.

Turn down the AC girls, it's gonna be a scorcher!

A quad of gorg celebs sporting coppery do's.

I spotted a headline that said something along the lines of "Whitney Port goes red" I almost died because we all know how much I love her ombre-ness.
...and then I saw it. Such a blissful shade of strawberry blonde. It looks sooo pretty with her peach-y blush. Love the change, Whitty! {that's what I call her when we hang out}

*Flashback Alert!
I went with a red hue last year and these celeb pics make it OOOH SO TEMPTING to repeat the past.

Do you have it in you to sport some fiery locks?


Ashley said...

I'm a natural auburn and I've always said redheads have more fun!!!

Cori said...

I think you look great as a red head! BTW good job with the kids in church yesterday, that was adorable, and like half the kids were new!

Mindi said...

Let's be honest...I do NOT have it in me. My hair grows so dang fast, and is dark brown, that it would just look wrong in 2 weeks.

Allison Leigh said...

I have red hair! I have red hair!!! It's super fun and I think it's my favorite, only downside - the up keep. I feel like I have to do my hair once a month if I want to keep it nice and pretty. But I still love it!!!

Brenn said...

I've got a lot of red in my hair naturally, but lately I've been wanting to go red SO BADLY!! I'm just not sure I can pull it off though--waahhh. :(