Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day WW

I love days in which I can convince my family that everything revolves around me (i.e. Mother's Day, my birthday, anniversary etc.)
I like dressing up for events such as these :)

shirt: Gap
skirt: vintage (one of my NYC finds)
shoes: NR
necklace: Anthropologie (my mother's day gift to myself)

TBM wants to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of our lovely readers who are mothers (whether you have given birth, or simply wish to!).
You are the wind beneath our wings.

(you're allowed to quote Bette Midler on Mother's Day.)



Jen said...

LOVE the skirt! and the shoes. great look. :)

jenn said...

so I TOTALLY found your blog on of those "click, click, click" things where you end up on your best friend's second cousin's boyfriend's sister's fiance's mother's next-door-neighbor's daughter's sister-in-law's blog. Haha! only kidding, but you get the idea, right? ;)

Annnnnywho. Do you guys have any recommended eyeliners? I have reeeeally watery eyes, especially in the spring, and "waterproof" liner just doesn't usually cut it for me. I'm about ready to give up on sad! thanks! :)

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

Hi Jenn!
So glad you found our blog :)
My favorite eyeliner is Fluidline from MAC. It is totally waterproof and has the look of liquid liner, which is the trend right now!
Hope that helps!

angela hardison said...

i can't really handle how PERFECT that skirt is. wow.