Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Curly Sue

Hi, my name is Courtney and I have curly hair.

I have spent years straightening and blow drying, all in an effort to hide my true identity. Remember when flat iron's weren't invented yet? I shudder at the thought.

I actually used to use a curling iron to straighten my hair. (don't ask. quite the process. my hair was FRIED.)

I remember the first time I used a flat iron. It was pretty much the greatest thing that had ever happened to my 8th-grade self. I remember going to school that day and someone telling me that I looked like Joey Potter (from Dawson's Creek. Wow, I am aging myself.)

My husband loves my hair curly, so usually I will do it curly for him for his birthday. So noble of me, I know. Before I had my son, my hair was super curly, and now it's just plain confused. The bottom is ringlets, the top is frizzy waves, and the ends just can't decide. I think Dean actually stole my curls from me, as his hair is curly. He should be charged with grand larceny.

See what I mean? Ringlets, meet waves. Now get married and make curly babies that can be uniform all over my head.

Every time I meet someone with curly hair I always pick their brain: "What products do you use? Do you air-dry or diffuse?" I have learned some good curly-hair tips this way, but hardly ever come away feeling inspired to actually do my hair curly. Until now.

The other day at work I met the most adorable girl, K. Her hair was wild and very reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She kept flipping it side to side (this sounds annoying, but it was entrancing) and just letting her hair do what it wanted. What a novel idea! I asked her about her curly hair secrets, and vowed then and there to try her tricks. I think my problem is that I am scared to let my hair roam free and look unkempt. But yesterday I decided to let my freak-flag fly and utilize some of the tips I have been given over the last decade.

Here's some of my favorite:
Diffuse in all directions (not just up and down)
Put a little serum (i.e. Moroccan Oil) into your curl cream
Use Surf Spray
Everyone has a different way of doing their curls, but this sentiment is always unanimous: DO NOT touch your hair after you're done putting product in it.

The verdict?
Well, if this counts for anything, my husband told me, "You look stunning."

I'll take it!


Caton said...


Allison Leigh said...

Aww man!! I want curly hair. Can't get it to stay curly to save my life, not without a gallon of hairspray and that is just a huge NO!
You do look stunning, he was right!

love_b said...

We always want what we don't have and girl I would kill for some bounce like that! pretty girl rock it!!

abbie said...

i think we may literally have the same hair. i have the same ringlets in the back and underneath and it is wavy/frizzy/confused everywhere else. too funny!

Auburn said...

not gonna lie . . . i'm gonna need you to take a better picture - K? I can't wait to see it! :o)

Andrea said...

welcome to my world. my hair is so confused. and with each child i bear my curls get different.

i do love your hair curly.

Clint, Marianne, Sage and Charlotte said...

LOVE it. I've always had super stick straight hair, then after my last baby the entire bottom layer is super ringlet curly. Top layer is still super straight. It drives me mad. I'm preg again and am hoping it will either all go curly or go back to straight. I can't handle half and half!

Jen said...

thanks for this post! Your hair sounds exactly like mine (and I too used a curling iron to straighten mine back in the day before straighteners!) I'm alway afraid my hair looks too unkempt when I try to utilize my natural waves/curls, but I'll definitely try this out.

Connie said...

I've been meaning to blog about my curly hair too! (: I'll be wearing it curly A LOT more now...What with the humidity and all.

Mallory said...

court, I would give ANYTHING for your beautiful curly hair.mine is stick straight.