Sunday, April 10, 2011

WW: back for seconds.

What the? Are your eyes deceiving you?

Don't take a trip to the eye doctor just yet. I have indeed decided to double up on my WW contribution this week.

You're welcome.

I have been fielding many requests for a glimpse into my NYC vintage finds. Since I wore one to church today I thought, hey, might as well snap a pic. So here ya go (let's pretend like the majority of you care, mmmk?)

Dress: vintage
Shoes: F21
necklace/earrings: Nordy's

D: (wish I could get just ONE good picture of him. sigh.)
shirt/vest/pants: H&M (LOVE their little boy clothes, especially for church-wear!)
tie: Century 21
Shoes: Target

H: (he's not going to be happy about being spotlighted...)
Cardi: Gap
Tie: Target
Guess what?! He picked out this outfit all on his own and I couldn't possibly be more proud (cue me beaming from ear to ear.)


abbie said...

Loooooove the dress! Amazing!

Rob and Alexa said...

Your sons outfit is adorable. I might have to drive to H&M. I haven't been there yet. My little man is about the same age as yours. So fun.