Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Makeup Essentials

Spring has sprung!

Are you bummed that your seemingly perma-pasty and dry winter skin is holding you back from indulging in Spring makeup trends? Me too.

Here's some of springs latest and greatest trend to keep us on track.

Colored Eyeliner or Mascara:

Try blue for brown eyes
purple for green eyes
and a dark burgundy or emerald green for blue eyes.
Also, do one coat of your favorite black mascara and then top it with the colored. This will give your eyes definition and pop!

Coral Lips:
Bright or soft, either way it's a dream come true!

Bronze, glowing skin
(think dewdrops.)
In order to be considered Bronzy McBronzerson remember this: fake it till you make it, people. and by fake it I most certainly do NOT mean go get an artificial tan via a tanning bed. Pick up your favorite bronzer and blend it with a fluffy brush all around the outer perimeter of your face (ask yourself this: "Is this an area of my face that would be naturally kissed by the sun?" if yes, proceed.)


If you are only going to purchase a few things to update your beauty profile this season, let it be these:

MAC Ever Hip lipstick (This creamy coral will take your pretty face all the way to autumn!)

OPI Mod About You nail polish

A colored mascara or liner that suits your eye color


Pepper Lovin! said...

ok C~

i have green eyes. Can you let me know how or where on my eyes to put the purple shadow? any mac colors you recommend?

landrylee said...

Is taylor swift not the most beautiful girl ever? Thanks for the tips, you're definitely the person to give them!

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

Hi Pepper Lovin!

If you use purple shadow or eyeliner I would use something dark that has a little bit of brown to it. That way, it's not like "There goes the girl with the purple eyeshadow." I LOVE MAC Sketch for the crease and to use as eyeliner. If you want to go a little more purple, try Nocternelle or Satellite Dreams.

Hope that helps!