Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dear Isla,

You make me wish I had red hair.

And that my name was Isla (SO dreamy).

And I think I'll steal the name Olive from you too.

But why did you have to be so secretive about your second pregnancy? Okay, I suppose you do deserve some privacy. But how about an acknowledgement that you had another baby. OR what you named her (H and I are on the edge of our seats because we just KNOW we'll have to copy you.)

This just in: baby's name is Elula.
Disappointing, but still admirable for its creativity.
Isla on motherhood: "Motherhood is my favorite topic but I never talk about it publicly. As much as I love what I am doing, and I am so fortunate to have the opportunities that I have had, my responsibility is to my family."

Let's just love her even more now. And forgive her for not letting us in on her little secret until 6 months post-birth.

Here are some of Isla's greatest hits:

The hair!
The face!
The accent!

Oy vey.

I've come to the conclusion that Isla should write a manuel. Even a pamphlet of some sort would be acceptable. It could be entitled {I'm just throwing out ideas here} "how to be a fabulous redhead" OR "how to use jewel tones to your advantage." {a little wordy but it gets the point across}

Case in point:

cobalt and mustard! ba.nan.as.

classic emerald and red hair combo = dream come true

Do I even need to mention Confessions of a Shopaholic? I didn't think so.

Do we love her?
We love her.
And if I were a red-head or an Aussie or had a baby girl named Olive I would be that much closer to being her greatest fan.


Allison Leigh said...

Not going to lie - she is my NUMERO UNO girl crush, for sure.
Love everything about her - she is what inspired me to be a red head and I love it!

Nicole... given said...

the name olive is 100 billion times cuter with an accent.

colleenroselle said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE HER!!!!

kate said...

first: i love isla.

second: i have a question regarding your previous post. i've spent the past two years getting my hair back to my natural color (light brown) and i've been noticing as the sun comes out more it's getting lighter and lighter. i'm liking this. so i'm wondering if there is anyway to help the process along without using color?