Friday, April 22, 2011

FTF: Wants vs Needs

Fashion Tip FRIDAY

Despite what my husband might say, i need these things.

there are wants, and then there are necesseties.

these are the latter.

Don't try to talk me out them either because who wouldn't need:

kendra scott earrings as seen on our girl H duff.

black faux leather leggings {minus the nude leo, duh}

silver sequin skirt

gold sequin shorts

Obviously everyone needs at least one pair. and a backup for the year- supply, just in case!

summery dresses

just look at those colors! if they don't summer happiness to you then i don't know what will. Oh wait, it looks like they put one digit too many on the price tag of happiness. {sigh} a girl can dream.


brittney larson said...

where can i find a good pair of faux black leather leggings??

Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

american apparel, they fit SO well {!}