Friday, April 1, 2011

FTF: High Waisted Jeans

Start spreading the news! High waisted jeans are BACK IN! Think 70's chic, people. I'm so stoked on this trend, perhaps because I have short legs (I shouldn't tell you that, cause now you'll be on the lookout for this flaw of mine). Anyway, high waisted jeans (skirts, shorts, etc.) are mile long legs and a tiny waist wrapped into a lovely denim package: yesplease!

Here's a couple super basic guidelines to think about:

If you're petite, play with a couple different styles, even skinny!
If you're bottom heavy (that's me: guilty!!) try a trouser pair that fits at the hips and goes straight to the floor. This will elongate your silhouette even more!

As with many a fashion trend, there is a good, bad, and ugly that can be associated with it.

The good:

Kourtney Kardashian looks ahhmazzing!! (imaging me singing this in high pitched falsetto) Love the jeans, blouse, and that belt (oh Gucci. why can't you love me back??)

Rachel Bilson in a boyfriend pair, so adore.

Jessica A. is kinda the queen of this trend. Her bod looks slammin in these jeans!

I've gotta keep telling myself that I definitely DO NOT need peach silk pants. It's just not rational (and it's almost comical!) But seeing Blake in them makes it hard to suppress the desire!

KK in a skinny pair: LOVE.

And now for the bad (and dare I say...ugly?)

It's just so sad.

Moral of the story: use common sense when employing this trend. Better yet, take a trusty girlfriend with you in the dressing room with you!


angela hardison said...

oh my gosh. mischa barton is killing me... SO GROSS! i love the high-waisted trend too but unfortunately i don't think they look good on very many people. or maybe i'm telling myself that to feel better because they don't look good on me.

Amber said...

Mischa Barton should be banned from cameras. Period. And let's stray from the turtle neck + high waisted pants. People can only handle so much!

abbie said...

i am also loving this trend and just bought my 2nd pair.. here's to hoping i don't look anything like the last 2 pictures since i'm SURE i don't look as good as the first few. YIKES!