Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabulous Summer Hair

The temperature here in AZ is rising as we speak. Summer is coming!! Which means, summer hair care tips!

1. If you're planning on being outside for any extended amount of time, put conditioner in your hair to deflect any harmful rays and protect your color. The heat will open up follicles and it will act like a deep conditioning treatment {!}
These are my personal favorites:
Bumble and bumble deeep conditioner
{a good "strengthening" conditioner}
Biolage Conditioning Balm
{a great softening conditioner}
2. Wear a hat or cute scarf around those tresses.

3. Limit the amount of heat you use on your hair in the summer. Think beach-y hair!

4. Not only is it good for your body to stay hydrated, but it's also great for that hair of yours. SO eat, drink, and have fab hair.

5. Once a week, or however much your hair can tolerate it, use a deep conditioner and let it sit as long as you can!


Becah said...

Hey H:) I would love your expert advice. What products do you recommend for gals like me with super thin, fine hair and a ridiculous amount of fly-away, frizzy nastiness? My hair kinda drives me nuts. I've tried not washing it everyday, but my hair looks gross when I don't so I have to wash it every day, and my hair has a tid bit of wave, but it just looks poofy at bottom, so I usually straighten, PLEASE!


JG said...

Thanks for the great hair tips, but I have a question (so needy, I know): I just moved to AZ (originally from Chicago area—humidity!), and my hair just doesn't quite know what to do here. It's thick and wavy. But also frizzy. What products do you suggest to keep it under control, yet still touchable? (I'd rather not have crusty, over-gelled hair). Thanks!

Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

hey dolls! I will try to answer your questions the best I can without being able to analyze your hair first hand.

Becah: It sounds like you are the perfect canadite for a Keratin treatment. It helps eliminate frizz and smooths your hair- and it's actually GOOD for your hair!

JG- I'm so glad you don't want gel-crustiness. Nothing makes me more sad than some crunchy gel hair. VO5 please! AAaaanyway. I LOVE curls rocks by catwalk if you're wanting to play up the curl. I also recommend the Moroccan oil smoothing lotion for everyday hair wear. You will LOVE it :)

Good luck ladies!

Becah said...

Thanks, H:) You guys rock!

JG said...

Love. Thanks!