Wednesday, April 13, 2011

blonde gone wrong.

Let's start this post with a disclaimer:

i LOVE a makeover.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way. Let's make a blanket statement that not everyone looks good blonde. Can we say that all together? "Not everyone looks good blonde." Great. Myself included. Shamefully, I will admit there was a time or two in high school when I thought I was a stunning blonde. How wrong I was.

If only I had the juevos to post a picture of that experience.
Instead, I'll put up some pictures of recent celebs and we'll all agree they were not meant to be blonde {and quietly mock them} kidding.

Jessica Alba.

Kim Kardashian.

Kate Beckinsale.

While all of these new and old blondes are not HORRENDOUS by any means... You have to agree they look waaaaay better brunette. And if you don't, you're mildly insane.

Now. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than a fabulous blonde. So let's decide WHO should be blonde.

1. There is a good chance you can pull off peroxide perfection if you were born blonde.

2. Now, look in the mirror. What color are those peepers of yours? Typically eye color is a good indication of how well your hair lifts when processed. {aha moment!!}

3. What's your {pre fake bake} skin tone? That will help decide what shade of blonde looks best on you.

Have you ever had a scary hair experience? Or one that makes you look back and laugh?

Tell us all about it!!


that one girl said...

I was a super blonde little kid, but as I got to my teens my hair got darker, and I panicked and have been dying it blonde ever since--but now I'm sick of the blonde, but am not entirely sure what color my hair is!! Aaguhh!!

ashandcash said...

i was born with dark hair, then as a young kid i had sandy blonde hair...then dark dark, practically black grew over that (literally, you could lift up my hair and it would still be blonde and curly underneath but it was dark and straight on top lol). i have dark blue/steel grey eyes, white skin (not an olive tone to be found on me), and my eyebrows are dark, practically black. i've been toying with the idea of trying to go blonde for a couple years now (and by blonde, i clearly don't mean platinum blonde Gwen Stefani blonde with some darker shades too maybe?), but everyone says NO NO NO you look so much better dark! i recognize that i wouldn't be the most gorgeous blonde out there lol...and i recognize that they are probably right, i probably do look much much better dark, but if i WERE to say "screw the rules i want to try to be blonde for a while" what shade would you think i could SOMEWHAT pull off/handle? haha thanks chicas

ashandcash said...

or are you going to refuse to let me do it like everyone else? haha. i know you're right....sometimes it's just fun to randomly try something completely different and new! (and i have already done chunks of dark purple, blonde, or pink underneath my hair haha....i like funky and random more than "what looks perfect and best on me" sometimes)

Celeste said...

oh man, i love kate beckinsale. i agree technically browns better on her skin. but her and that tan is rockin that blonde for me.

Allison Leigh said...

I was born dark- then got really light in my younger years and now I have (what I like to call) poop hair. The brown is so BLAH -it's not pretty at all. But I am okay with that because I loooove me a change in color. Right now I am a red head - which I love for sure.
My hair color mistake was black. Many, many people told me they loved it, went well with my light skin tone/eyes but I will NEVER do that again. Bad decision. I still have some of it at the ends of my hair and that was almost 2 years ago =/ Failure.

ben+alex said...

oh poor kate beckinsale. she is so gorgeous with her brunette hair. so tragic.
and yes. i have. it was terrible. about 6 months before my wedding when my husband and i were taking engagement photos i decided to go to a salon in IDAHO (never-ever do this) and they completely messed up my hair. we're talking bleach spots everywhere. and i don't even have blonde in my hair. so i went to utah to get it fixed. another failure. two weeks later i went to utah again to a different salon and they finally got it right. in the end i would have been cheaper to fly myself home and go to my normal hair lady.
it's funny now though.


Shelly said...

I seriously thought that picture of Kate Beckinsale was Siena Miller with extensions. I am still on the fence about Emma Stone. I know she did it for a movie role, but I think her and Lindsay Lohan are so perfect as redheads.

I was blonde as a kid and like doing it, when I can afford the upkeep!

Shalise said...
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Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

Ash- It's hard to really tell without seeing you in "real life" BUT if I got to choose what I thought looked best on you, I would say brunette. Although if you wanted to go lighter I would definitely say go a more golden blonde :) Hope that's helpful darling. Thanks for the comment(s)!