Friday, March 4, 2011

FTF: Lower your hem, ladies.

Let's talk about maxi's (skirts, not pads. )

I am a lover of all things modest.
When trends come alive that allow me to fly my modest flag freely, I am alive with excitement!

I have recently renewed my zest for fashion magazines and by so doing discovered many trends that have inspired me. The long skirt/dress is one of many. This trend takes on two faces: full-blown maxi status (to the ground) and past the knee-tea-length (I'm a poet, now I know it.)

As I was concentrating about this topic, I couldn't believe how many celebs and runways I saw that are supporting this trend! My cheeks are flushed with excitement! (or maybe it's the new MAC Cremeblend blushes giving me my rosy glow. Oh well. Either way.)

I was in Urban the other day and saw this 100% silk dress that's kinda tea-length in front and longer in the back (thus representing and satisfying both trends, la-dee-dah) and was super stoked cause it was ON SALE from $90 to $ I bought it. And I love it! (besides the mean static cling that comes from the DNA of the material. Boo. Any static guard suggestions?)

Anyway. Here's a few of my flavorite (new word = your favorite flavor or kind) representations of this trend:

Oh, HI Olivia Palermo, aren't you just stunn-ing in this skirt.

Also, the dress on the left: dee.iii.eee. DIE.

Alexa Chung, why are you so fabulous?

Does anyone else need an accordion pleated skirt ASAP?

On a completely unrelated note, what in the H-E-double-hockeysticks is going on with the pictures and layout right now?? Why I oughta...


Scott+Tiffany said...

Suuuper cute dress! This is such a great trend and in a few weeks it will be too hot for anything but dresses : ( Also, I have this sister. . . she is pretty much a graphic designer and whenever my blog is stressing me out she hacks in and fixes it. I bet she could help you.

Victoria Gayle said...

You look gaw-jess in that dress! Love love love it :)

chelsea :: stock said...


can shorter, curvier girls pull off a maxi? or do I need to skip this trend...

Courtney Rogers said...

Short girls can definitely get away with it. Maybe tray a floor length maxi and layers to break it up: a shorter cardi and a belt!!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I'm completely envying the accordian pleated skirts...amazeballs.

Jamie said...

Awe accordian!
Oh and Banana Republic has some amazing spring dresses going on right now. They hit below the knee and I was loving them (but not the price) but it was fun trying them on.

JD and Hillary Darner said...

C. This dress on you is AMAZE BALLS. I loooove everything about it. Need one yesterday. Thanks!