Monday, March 21, 2011


EW. coincidentally this does not mean "ewwww" for this post. It stands for my girl Emma Watson.

E-dub has officially made her way up to the top of the fashion food chain. This girl is legit. Seriously who knew that Hermoine was so gorgy gorg fantastic?

Her makeup is always flawless, her fashion choices daring but chic, and her hair...oh that hair. If you haven't guessed by now, H and I live vicariously through others' hair cutting bravery. I just have to keep telling myself that my face is too round for a pixie (true) and that I would miss my longy long hair if I chopped it to its death (also true.) Ok, now that I am reassured that I could never look like EW even if I cut my locks, let's get inspired anyway:

She's so British sixties I could die. (ok, so being British is actually in her blood. She has genetically one-upped me again.)

Did you hear that she is the new face of Lancome? She has the best face for makeup, that's for dang sure. Also- E makes freckles look fab.

She's like a female Peter Pan, all pixie-like and dreamy.

LOVE this dress. LOVE her with a tan. LOVE the bod.

Wine-stained lipstick plus twenty pounds of lashes equals perfection personified (it's simple math, people.)

Okay so here's my only beef with EW. She has been going to Brown University and has now dropped out to focus more on her acting career. She's so smart! She should finish her education! (Do I sound like her mother yet? Why do I feel so over protective of I personally would totally forgo fame and fortune via my hypotetical beauty and talent in favor of an Ivy League education …eh, who am I kidding. But still.

I expect {and hope} to see a lot more fashion and beauty inspiration from EW in the future. {Then maybe when the last of the last Harry Potters finally is released I won't curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep}

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Caton Ann said...

i was totally bummed she dropped out (took time off, whatever) too!

Rob and Alexa said...

I love and I love her hair. I wish I could pull that look off. :)

Pepper Lovin! said...

Wait when did the drop out occur? i LOVE her too. If I could rock that cut I would as well Just ask H I talk about it I think everytime.

JG said...

Just love EW. I so hope she goes back to her education; at least we can hope for continued fashion forwardness.

Brenn said...

I love her--I simply just love her! I was actually kind of impressed that she would forsake her education a little bit (It's only a semester or two) to make sure she finished all of her contractual obligations for HP. I will cry for weeks when HP is finally over. I'm definitely that nerdy kid who read the 1st HP book 27 time (not exaggerating one single bit--that's actually a low estimate).

Cori said...

Oh, I love her! She has grown up so lovely. But I'm with you, she should have stayed in school!

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