Monday, March 7, 2011

Better before or after?

Makeover Monday

Let's see what you think about these celebs new makeovers. And then I'll tell you if you're right. What's that?? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion? Well that's fine, too.

Exhibit A:

before after

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

before after

Exhibit D:

Your thoughts??

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Envy My Cooking said...

We love lc either way! We think she can pull off both!

B. Hillary duff- We like her before look better!

C. Love the longer look!

D. We like the bieber s new do! That picture doesn't show it off very good! But he looked great on Ellen with his new hair

Samantha said...

A. After

B. Before

C. Before

D. After?

kent and liz said...

A. Like the "after" for Fall/Winter, but she is such a cute blonde.

B. LOVE the after with her skin tone/make-up.

C. Ugh, BEFORE!!!

D. Whatevs. He looks like a female in the "after", but change is good.

Jen said...

A)I don't know if LC necessarily looks better with darker hair, but I really like it!

B)Love, the ombre hair on Hilary! definitely, before.

C) The super light hair totally ages Jen. Before!

D)meh, I just can't bring myself to care.

Chels said...

A: Before, that's a little dark... and it looks like they highlighted it to lighten it up, but that brown is neutral, and she should have warmth. Give the girl a little more gold. Not too much, just a bit.

B: Before, just because that brown is a little uh, plain. And it makes her hair look thinner, should have kept some gold panels or something, even if they un-did the ombre. {by the way, I love ombre}

C: I would like to request she grow it out LONG again. Like below boobs, like on friends? Not that the cut is bad, it's that BLONDE! too much, it seems to age her.

D: B has EYEBROWS?!?! who knew?! I'm loving the new do. The combover-straight-in my eyes-I'm a little kid is so over.

I'm a cosmetologist, so, uh, sorry, I can't help but pick it all apart.

Scott+Tiffany said...

Jennifer Anniston looks scaaary in her after shot.

Rob and Alexa said...

A. I like both, but if I had to pick. After!
B. After
C. Before - She does look scary in the after.
D. After

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

i've always enjoyed looking at before and after pictures of people. my favorite of these is definitely lauren conrad! i think that everyone here looks better than they did before, even though they all looked great to start out with. except hilary duff that is. i feel like she looks much older. :\

great post, by the way! :)

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

Allison Leigh said...

1- After

2- Before

3- Are we talking about cut or color? Or the whole kit-caboodle?! I like the cut after but the color is just all kinds of wrong.

4- After, even if it is a bit feminine haha.

Nicole... given said...

a- after. soooo much cuter. maybe now she can get steven back.

b- neither. i miss her lizzie mcguire days

c- after. the cut not the color.

d- before. anyone else thinks the biebs looks a lil homo?

Myla said...

I like LC's color b4 but I prefer the new length/waves

I dont like the new do for H @ all

I love J's new length, I allways think she looks fresh/young with a shorter style

now JB should be a post on its own. the b4 & after both s*ck! Somebody needs to tell him bangs make a woman look younger and a young man look like a 3 yr old child….a female 3 year old child! does he have a secrete lightning bolt on his forhead he's hiding? why the incesint bangs?

The McGraths said...

LC after everyone else before. my opinion is the only one that maters! :)

The McGraths said...

ps- I don't get the feather extension thing. does this just mean that I'm old?

emma said...

LC - after!!!! she looks gorge!
hilary - before. she looks like steven tyler/alanis morissette mixed
jen - before. after looks like she's trying too hard to look too young. she wears her age well in the before photo.
biebs - dislike both.

Courtney Rogers said...

I'm allowed an opinion, right?

Okay A) BEFORE! After is grey. Before is flowing. The choice is obvi.

B) ohmygosh. BEFORE! After is an 80 year old. Also, why is she wearing burnt sienna crayola on her lips?

C) this is so AGING! I like BEFORE!!

D) I kind of hate J.B. Well, hate is strong, but whatever. I think he looks better least he doesn't look like he is 11 years old anymore.

Also, to answer another comment, I too do not understand the feather hair extension.

Brenn said...

LC rocks it either way, I'm really undecided.
HDuff definitely should not have made that decision. I wouldn't have even known it was her if you didn't have the before picture right next to it!
I'm torn over Jen Aniston--I saw a different picture of the cut and liked it, but this picture isn't super flattering.
Beibs--who knew he had mongus dark bushwacker eyebrows hiding under all that hair? Dude needs to manscape, pronto.

JD and Hillary Darner said...

SO happy to hear ya'll have an opinion. Now I'll let you know whether or not you were right {!}
and for those of you without a sense of humor {I"M JOKING}

A. BEFORE/AFTER LC, with the prettiest hair in town. I understand the need to mix it up which is why I left this one up in the air. Which do I like BETTER? Before. Do I think the AFTER is pretty killer too? YES but one of our readers had it right- it needs to be a warmer brown!

B. BEFORE. SO much more flattering. She looks a hundred years old in the after and I H.A.T.E. the makeup.

C. BEFORE. Did I choose that ghostly after picture on purpose? Maybe. She looks a million times better before. Oh Jen, why is your hair so silk-fest perfection? Her cut is cute for a change but LOVE her hair long.

D. BEFORE. Ok. So i sound like a broken record. But change is {sometimes} a good thing. I just don't understand why he has bangs? Can someone help me with that?? He looks so feminine. Maybe he's trying to reach out to a different fan base with this? Fix the bangs!!

Pepper Lovin! said...

love is hillary! Bieber does look femmy. He looks like hillary swank when she plays the boy. do you know what im talking about? If not google it.