Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bad news bears.

Whilst perusing recent fashion magazines I was struck numerous times (blow after blow!!) with horrific magazine covers and advertisements.

Think of these as the "anti-inspiration."

Let's start with the ads. {These are all advertisements for makeup, which I find to be completely ironic.}
I guess some people just feel the need to wear slate-blue/grey eyeshadow up to their eyebrow. No biggie.

Is this some sort of joke? Am I on candid camera? "I have a really good idea," says the exec over at Cover Girl. "Let's put a full-on nostril shot of Taylor Swift on our new campaign and see if anyone notices."
Um. I noticed.
PS whoever did her makeup should be fired.

The eyeshadow wouldn't be as bad if they hadn't made the genius addition of the MAROON eyeliner. Yup. That's actually happening.

Some man in drag pretending to be Jessica Alba. Contour central, USA.

And now for some disappointing {understatement} magazine covers:

I understand that gaga is so "high fashion" or whatever. But really, Vogue? Let's at least try to maintain our respectability and reputation. They could have totally made her look gorg and they chose white eyebrows instead.

I do NOT get this picture for a mag cover. "My name is Katie Holmes and I am soooo casual that I am running my fingers through my hair and the photographer happened to catch the moment." Really? This was the shot of the day?

Award for most awkward. I hate looking at this cover. Ashley Greene looks constipated, and I am pretty sure she was aiming for sexy. Someone should tell her she missed the mark.

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Jen said...

I was so disappointed to see that cover with Lady Gaga in stores. I couldn't bring myself to buy it, and I LOVE Vogue. hideous.

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I am wiping the tears from my eyes so I can type...but don't worry, they are from laughing because this was *hilarious*! I'm with you...who sees this crapola and thinks "FABULOUS!"??? Fired. All of them.

Pepper Lovin! said...

I didn't even know that was taylor swift! Ugh. and i totaly agree. gaga can look so pretty the wig didn't do for me either.

kent and liz said...

so funny. and true!