Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over Forty and Fab: Part One

H & I have talked about doing an "Over Forty" series of posts for a while now. To say that we have been asked to do so would be an understatement. We have been flooded with requests from the over-forty set of glamourous women. We don't like to alienate any readers (whether age 14 or 44) so we thought we would do a three part series that showcases the ins (and OUTS!) of beautifying as you start to ... ahem ... mature.

Today's topic is {drumroll, please} makeup! I know, I am a one trick pony... what can I say {you know you love it.}

First, let's get some over-forty inspiration courtesy of some gorgeous celebs:

Brooke Shields, age 45

Julianne Moore, age 50

Julia Roberts, age 43

Christie Brinkley, age 57 {!!!}

Diane Lane, age 43

What do these ladies all have in common? Dewey skin, light pinky-peach cheeks and lips, and, most importantly, no frosty eyeshadow or lipstick!!!!! (there is no amount of exclamation points that can reiterate this clearly enough)

Here's a few simple tricks to stay looking youthful and flawless:

Moisturize! Dry skin looks older than supple skin, plain and simple.

Don't use powder unless you have oily skin. (see above rule)

Use a foundation formula that works for your skin type.

BLEND your makeup! {this means foundation, eyeshadow and blush!} Don't let your makeup look like it is just sitting on top of your skin, but that it is blended in.

Stay out of the sun, use SPF!

Exfoliate and get chemical peels if possible.

Keep your {facial} hair situation under control, i.e. don't be too proud to wax your 'stache.

Don't use frosty eyeshadows or lipsticks (oh wait, I already said this. I felt like you needed to hear it again.) I know that you are all wondering:

a) what's the difference between "frosty" and "shimmery"? The answer is in the finish. Shimmer is a softer, more delicate form of shine. Frost implies a silvery finish that is more reflective and less flattering.

b) "Why can't I wear frosty eyeshadow?" The answer is this: it will make you look old. The frostiness will settle into lines and wrinkles and will not be attractive. (I am using blanket and generic statements here to scare you away from using frosty shadow.)

The ONE place you are allowed to utilize frost is under the brow in VERY small doses. Okay? Okay.

Let's take a look at What Not To Do:

oh, CZ. There are so many issues I'm not sure where to start! Bad foundation (both color and formula), frosty eyeshadow, too much eyeliner, Tammy Faye lashes, etc.

Hope this little snippet of ageless beauty helps! Stay tuned for more secrets!

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Caton Ann said...

I actually had to google Julianne Moore because I thought there was noooo way she was 50, and of course I was proven wrong! she honestly looks like she could be in her 30's and also Christie Brinkley = um wow!

Theresa said...

Talk about some butes!! Christy brinkly is amazing never knew she was that old. For some reason every time I see a beautiful mature woman, automatically the number 45 comes. Like no woman could possibly look that good over that age. I know, I can't belive so hasty either! Lucky us for having these women to look to for guidance in our mature years. Who did they have? Does this mean because of technology and advancements we can look this good at 70?