Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a fashion moment (or two)

Sometimes I am shocked and appalled by celebrity fashion choices. We've dedicated many a blog post detailing these said fashion faux pas.

However, sometimes the universe smiles and I am graced with pleasant surprise and inspiration by my favorite celebs. These are some of those recent moments.

Carey Mulligan in Marc Jacobs

Natalie Portman in Valentino (pre-pregnancy bump)

Mila Kunis at the SAG awards in Alexander McQueen (LOVING her hair. and I think she was the best-dressed at SAG)

Blake Lively in Antonio Berardi

Oh wait, how did this picture get in here? Probably because it's the BEST of the year and I dare anyone to try and top it.

The thing I like about these pictures and fashions is that they showcase many trends for the upcoming season: Patterns, Bright Colors, Bows, Sparkle, and, course the LBD. Did you also notice that SLEEVES are making a comeback? Loves it.

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Mars said...

love all these. And I love Mila Kunis dress but on Fashion Police Kelly Osborne said it looked like a bloody tampon :/ Personally, I like it. And I don't care what Kelly Osborne thinks haha. Love seeing more sleeves!

Jen said...

Love all of these and love that we are seeing more sleeves! I especially love the Marc Jacobs dress because it is something I could actually wear.

Carrie said...

I have been OBSESSED with that marc dress since it came down the runway... I'm in the process of recreating it for less than the $3000 they are asking for it. Wish me luck.

But I agree, Anne H was beyond stunning in that dress. I want to get married (again) in that dress.

And sorry I never comment, but I love your blog!

Tiffany said...

I have watched every single awards show this season (and am anxiously awaiting the Oscars!) and I have to agree that so far the best dress at ALL the awards has been this Anne Hathaway dress! I am obsessed with it!!!! I want to wear it!!!
p.s. and I'm loving the marc jacobs dress on carey mulligan!!!