Monday, January 10, 2011


I've been struck recently by love for a certain actress, Michelle Williams. For those of you from the old school, M is {perhaps} best known for her role as Jen on Dawson's Creek.

{As a side note, I so miss the drama and teenage angst that show brought to my life. One year I bought all 6 seasons on DVD and watched them back to back. I became very attached to the characters. Katie Holmes was totally in her prime as Joey Potter. Just saying.}


Michelle was kind of an awkward adolescent, not really blossoming {in my opinion} until her relationship with the late, great Heath Ledger. Then she transformed into a total stunner and became this fashion muse and icon. Here's a couple of my favorite fashion moments a la Michelle Williams:

First, let's talk about M's all time best outfit:
{this may be perhaps my favorite fashion moment, like, ever.}

First off, hair and makeup: FLAWLESS. Those red lips are to.die. The simplicity of her beauty regime for this look just adds to the fantasticness of the whole ensemble.
Dress: Vera Wang


She looks fab in white, ya?

Okay, now we need to take a moment to concentrate about M's hair. I love it long like this:

...but the short pixie just pushes her whole style over the edge. I am SO into short hair right now {don't worry, H won't let me make any rash decisions regarding my own locks}. I think this haircut is so incredibly chic I can hardly stand it! {Plus this dress is gorgeous!}

These next few snapshots are more recent. They feature M's blondey-blonde hair, killer style instincts, and her cute little legs {in this next pic}

I cannot describe my love for this dress. It is so vintage that it hurts.

I love that M loves herself some sparkle and glam. She looks so gorg in this dress because the sparkles really draw attention to her pretty face.

As a side note, M even looks good pregnant. {life isn't fair}

Before I close this chapter on worshipping Michelle {first-name basis} and all her whimsy, I have to say that I want to see her new movie Blue Valentine soooo bad. But pretty much because I {obviously} love Michelle, but also because Ryan freaking Gosling {a.k.a. Noah Calhoun} plays her husband and his name is DEAN in the movie {am I so on-trend or what?!--for those of you who don't know me personally, my son's name is Dean :) }
So, here's the problem. I hear this movie needed an NC-17 rating cause it's kinda super sexual. That's not my kind of movie, regardless of my deep devotion to its stars. But anyway, if any of our readers see the movie, tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you!

PS. On a totally random and unrelated note, it has come to my attention that Victoria Beckham is pregnant again! This is great news. Now I can totally stalk her maternity style and copy it next time I find myself preggo.

Also. We feel as though no one wants to share their unparalleled opinions with us in the form of some comment love! So here's a question for you readers: (tap, this thing on??)

Do you like Michelle Williams better with long, flowy locks, or her short, chic pixie?

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Shalise said...

I rarely comment, but love to read. I've been a wingy eye devotee for awhile, so I feel at home here! I think I like long on Michelle better probably because I'm wishing mine would GROW. Keep up the good work!

Kayla said...

I pretty much just always love her hair. She's one of those lucky ducks who can pull off both. She has such a good face shape (and cheek bones!)

Freckles in April

Auburn said...

long flowing. i'm just not a pixie cut girl . . .

Jen said...

I like it better long, but I love all these pics!

PS I am also totally excited to see Victoria Beckham's maternity style. :)

Myla said...

I never comment…sorry :(I feel like my commnt would allways just be..Kuddos, or Ditto, so I refrain from taking up comment space. But as I too LOVE MW i will takeup some space! I love her 1st pixie & current bleached pixie. I would be a total lemming and jump right off that cliff if I wasnt 32 weeks prego.I feel like I need my hair to redeem myself while pregnant. But Im hoping by the time I get my body back this pixie party wont be played out :)

Ashlee's Annals said...

Well, that first picture is absolutely breath taking, but I think that's the only time I've liked her hair better long. I say if you can do a pixie, do a pixie! And she can do a pixie!

Jenny said...

Long!! My all time fav of Michelle is also the yellow dress and red lips. I also have a secret passion for Dawson's Creek. In fact I am in the middle of season 2 as we speak. LOVE IT!

Leigh said...

She is so cute, she can rock any 'do. Speaking of 'do, darling Hillary, my hair needs some love soon!

Connie said...

I love all of the above. Michelle definitely has style. I have to say I was shocked at first when she went short, but it really brought out her gorgeous features. It looks very 60's Astrid Kirchherr. Love it.

Shayla Van Hofwegen said...

Love the pixie, wish I had the guts and could get the hubby on board to try that look out!

Tiffany said...

I'm a new reader of your blog...and totally love it! :)
I was totally a Dawson's Creek fan back in the day! And back then I couldn't stand Michelle Williams on the show...but loved her later on when she came back into the spotlight with Heath. My fave of her was also at the oscars in that yellow dress. Gorgeous!!!!
She is one of those people who can pull off any look or hairstyle and still look super duper cute, but I have to say I might like her better with the long hair. I'm not a pixie girl and SO not a risk taker when it comes to hair!

Kent & Liz said...

Short, chic pixie for sure. Wish WISH I could pull it off. Love following your blog! xoxo

Amanda said...

She is one of those gals who can totally pull off the pixie cut, I love it on her!

Rachel said...

pixie for sure. with bone structure like that it is a crime not to show it off.

Cori said...

I couldn't stand her on Dawson's Creek, but she's really grown into herself now. Her long hair is to die for.