Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globes Fashion

Awards season is upon us and we couldn't be more excited! Dissecting celebrity fashion choices is one of our favorite pass times.

This year, we are going to do things a little differently.
H and I usually agree on most things {makeup, hair, trends, tv shows, food, baby names, etc...} but once in a blue moon we have a difference of opinion that might spark some controversy. So today I present:
Golden Globes Fashion according to H and C.

Eva Longoria
H: She looks stunning! The whole enchilada is perfection.
C: Eat your heart out, Tony Parker. Eva's body in this is fan-freaking-tastic.

Anne Hathaway
H: Soooo pretty. Appropriate and sparkly. LOVE!
C: I want to cry when I look at this dress. It is definitely Anne's shining fashion moment and we should all have a moment of silence for Rachel Zoe, who styled this fabulousness.

Julianne Moore
H: I love me a good thrift store find but not for the Golden Globes, ya know what I mean?
C: It looks like her arm is barfing up a new, albeit hot pink, appendage. Disgusting.

Leighton Meester
H: Hair and Makeup= gorg. The style and fit of the dress were okay for me but the print reminds me of my Grandma's marble countertops. Egh.
C: Sometimes I feel like she makes bad fashion choices when she is under pressure. This dress is not.good. But I agree with H, the hair and makeup are flawless!

Sandra Bullock
H: I love the way this dress was styled but her bangs are a little too blunt-tastic, no?
C: I like the bangs but not the dress. I think she was on the right track but didn't quite make it to the fashionable destination.

H: Not my cup of tea, from head to toe.
C: It's like a weird wedding dress with a sheer tablecloth over it as a shawl. No go.

Angelina Jolie
H: L.O.V.E that dress! What happened to her hair? Ang, you totally need to hire us.
C: I agree. Someone get her a flat iron asap. Other than that, I am dying over this dress. It's like a freaking vintage nightgown and I LOVE it.

Lea Michele
H: Major girl crush on this dress. This is nothing short of fantastic. She looks so good in Oscar de la Renta. We all know I'm a sucker for some major rufflage- FAB!!
C: H and I always disagree on Lea Michele. I think every big fashion choice she makes is reminiscent of bad prom circa 1987. Remember last years Oscars? Puke.

Natalie Portman
H: Natalie- I'm sorry. I realize everyone goes ga-ga over NP but that sequined rose needs to go. Like yesterday.
C: You guys, this is so bad. So so so bad. I don't understand it at all and the styling makes it even worse.

Michelle Williams
H: Oh dear...
C: I am borderline embarrassed that I just did a post extolling her amazing fashion choices. This is the worst way possible.

Emma Stone
H: A lot of pink hues this year and she toootally rocks this color. I love everything about it.
C: The more I look at this dress the more I love it. Her body looks slammin' and the hair and makeup are to die for. Standing ovation for newcomer Emma Stone!!

I can't imagine that you all agree with us 100%... so spill your guts: Who was the BEST and who was the WORST?

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Caton Ann said...

Leighton Meester's dress makes me want to cry! It is like Victorian England met the 1970's and they had a baby and it looked like her awfule dress....

Jen said...

Best: Anne Hathaway-sparkly, glamorous, PERFECTION.

Worst: Helena Bonham Carter- good actress, scary dresser. two different shoes?!
But if I'm going from your list I have to say Michelle Williams, that fabric is hideous and the fit wasn't flattering either.

Connie said...

Best: Ann Hathaway. I want that dress.

2nd best: I loved Mandy Moore's look. She looked so happy too. A plus! (JLO's death glare is a little creepy!)

Worst: I've gotta say Julianne Moore, and I'm not surprised. I never understand her fashion choices.

Fun post!

Brenn said...

Eva is perfection. She's definitely the picture of "You miss me now, don't you?" Gorgeous. I was really on the fence with Anne, but the more I see it the more I like it! Julianne more looks beyond awful. Eewww. Leighton is not looking her best. I liked it at first, but the more I see it, the more I hate it. My 91 year old great-grandmother wouldn't even wear that. Yikes. I think Sandra nailed it!! I love her bangs, and her dress is super pretty. She might be my favorite. She ties with Olivia Wilde--I can't believe you don't have her up here! SHe looked GORGEOUS! J. Lo needs to go. Just go. Yuck. I'm not a fan of Angelina's dress. I really like that color on her, but I just don't like the dress. It's boring. There is absolutely nothing good going on with Lea. She looks like she accidentally popped a big bubble gum bubble all over. Sicknast. Her hair is bad, her dress is bad, it's just all bad. Eek. Natalie and Michelle were both pretty forgettable. I didn't even recognize Emma Stone!! I'm not a fan of her as a blonde. But her she looks HOTT in this dress!!

Lonngggg comment-sorry! :)

brittney larson said...

entertaining post, ladies :)

angelina jolie's dress is to. die. for. i was in love with how much it sparkled under the lights. i wish i could steal it!! anne hathaway is in a close second.

leighton does make some odd fashion decisions at times, but julianne moore definitely takes the cake for absolute worst dressed here.

Mars said...

Love Eva Longoria or Angelina Jolie! Michelle Williams=I think I just threw up a little. People need to remember classy is almost always a no fail. Some try to be too funky or "different" and it just ends up looking one hot hot mess.

Theresa said...

OMG I cant believe I missed Emma Stone! I was gaga for Anne's dress, (AMAZING) but I love the simplistic/chic dress on emma its pure modern, young and sexy while still being sophisticated! LOVE.

Tiffany said...

Anne Hathaway has my best dressed vote. Hands down! LOVE her whole look! Angelina's a close second. But I am obsessed with Anne's dress...the color, the fit and LOVE the dramatic shoulders!