Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Look: Copy Cat

*** Warning***
Do NOT try this at home.
A homemade haircut is NEVER a good idea.

Did you see the Golden Globes? Did you SEE Sarah Hyland?
Did you go into your bathroom and cut your bangs too?

This is probably one of the most spontaneous things I've done in awhile. What's that you say? Boring? Shame on you. Bangs are a big deal.

I have to prepare myself for the slightest of trims so I'm practically living on the edge here. Zero makeup here too, so don't look too close!

I have one small tiny incy wincy bit of advice. After having reprimanded my own mother {sorry mom!} for cutting her bangs {too short!!} I have to make a public plea to all those professional and self-acclaimed hair stylists...


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Tatiana said...

Oh you look awesome with bangs! I think bangs are so cute but on the right person. Me...not so much. I'm still loving my hair and have gotten TONS of compliments on the color. Thank you thank you!

{Levi and Em} said...

Hills! I absolutely LOVE this!!!! So cute.

Nina Fenn said...

you look really good! i haven't cut mine yet... still chicken because we all know it's quite the commitment! oh and thanks for your feedback :)

Leigh said...

Whatever... you could shave it all off and still be smokin' hot.

The Banners said...

i hate that your eyelashes look better than mine with mascara even when you have no makeup on ;) yay for joining the bang train! i have had a love/hate relationship with my bangs for years. i cut them short and do the straight across look, let them grow out a little longer and sweep them to the side, then pin them up and then start all over again. i never can decide what way i like most, they can be so particular! but of course they look good on you!