Friday, January 21, 2011

FTF: just peachy

I love the color peach. If I could go back, I would TOTALLY include peach as one of my wedding colors. Alas, that is an unfulfilled dream. So I try to incorporate the color into everyday life. Mostly with makeup.

One time, this girl was vehemently defending the "Season Color Theory" for makeup. {Have we all heard of this spring/summer/autumn/winter color situation where you can only wear certain colors that correspond to the season?} People live and die by this. LIVE and DIE. I don't believe in it. I feel it puts you into an uncompromising box with your fashion and beauty choices.

Anyway, she was going on and on about it saying, "Some people just can't wear certain colors." I disagreed, of course, because there can be undertones of shades that work for everyone. Then, she told me {get ready for this} "For example, you wouldn't look good in peach." EXCUSE ME?! My reply was, "I look AMAZING in peach." Now, whether or not this is true is debatable but I really wanted to beat her at her own game. Something I do believe, however, is that peach is a universally flattering shade,especially for makeup.

Whenever someone comes to me begging to "look more youthful" and to "wake up their skin" I turn to my trusty peaches to do the trick. Works every time.

MAC See Sheer Lipstick
MAC Fleur Power blush (also try Dainty and good ol' Peachykeen)
MAC Fulfilled Plushglass (simply the best nude peach)

MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow. This is the greatest mid-tone brown with peachy undertones. It works on all skin colors and blends your eyeshadow like it's nobody's business!

To illustrate my point more fully, take a look at these lovelies and it will make a believer out of you!

Yup, peach is the new pink (or something.)

But seriously, at least try a peach blush and gloss. It will change your life!!

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Tiffany said...

I had peach as one of my wedding colors :) I have always had an obsession with peachy/coral colors.

Nina Fenn said...

OOooo i will!

Connie said...

I pretty much only wear peach (at least cheeks and lips). I think anyone can look good in peach and coral (some tones). My mom was one of those season believers, and trust me, it took me a while to figure out it's all a bunch of hooey.

Jamie said...

I wanted peach too but my mom was like... "blah" so I didn't and I went with pink. "blah". oh well. I love Kate Bosworth. I want one blue and and one brown eye. Her make up is by far my favorite. I want to recreate her look!

Mindi said...

I'm a trip to the makeup section I'm picking out some peaches!

The Banners said...

don't hate me, but i'm kind of a believer of the whole color thing (blame Carla J.), mostly with clothes though. there are some colors which make me look physically ill...peach, nude, light gray, mustard, pumpkin, olive, etc. it doesn't matter to me if its the cutest shirt ive ever seen, if i look like i just puked i won't buy it lol. but i'm sure with makeup its a little different. im a big fan of benefit's dandelion blush and its a little bit peachy/pink :)

kayla and tyler said...

Thanks for all the good options to choose from, I'm gonna purchase some of this stuff and I'm way excited about it!