Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Tip Friday: OBSESSED

There are few things in life that make a person genuinely happy. A good braid does it for me.

This trend is SO hot {Mugatu-style} right now.

Check out Minka Kelly's super messy fishtail braid.
Whoever said fishtails only belonged on 4 years olds was seriously disturbed.

Here we have sweet Emma Roberts sporting a braid.
This would be SO SO easy for all of you to copy. Even you gals with short hair.
OK. Let's all take a moment before we swoon over Emily Blunt's charming braid. I just can't even tell you how much joy these pictures bring me. Which is why I titled this post: OBSESSED.

This also can be {somewhat} easily replicated at home. Take note that it is an "inside out" braid. And they are pulled into one side-bun. Also note: I love the flyaway situation.
In the words of Rachel Zoe: DIE
Another infamous braid from our girl LC.
Dear LC,
When will your show be on? I don't know if I can wait much longer.
Then there's Kim K's braids. This is what we want to avoid people. Granted she's in a milk-maid's costume but I had to show you what not to wear.

How do YOU feel about the braid trend?

Will you be sporting some?

Do you feel the need for a tutorial?

Do they remind you of your not so flattering adolescence?

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Brooke said...

AHHH NO KIM! haha and oh my gosh I love braids. I've been trying to fishtail braid forever, but I have too many layers. I'm going to wear a braid for my wedding I am so excited!

Shalyn said...

I love it! LC wears the braid the best, in my opinion!

sarah&brett said...

I am new to the "beauty mark" blog and I am already obsesse! I have a one year daughter and I am struggling to get away from the frumpy, tired mom look. I think a stylish braid might help. Please do a vlog on it. Everytime I try, I look like an awkward teenager. HELP!

Jessica said...

i love me some braids! and yes... tutorial por favor!!!

Mars said...

I'm a total sucker for braids and sport then on days when I don't feel like washing my hair haha! Love how they look even when dressed up (if done right). KimK=FAIL

.tessa. said...

puhhlease do a tutorial on all of those fab braids, especially creative ways to sport it on short hair! love this blog...

Kayla said...

My bangs are french braided as we speak. It's a great way to keep them out of your face during that horrifically awkward grow-out phase. LOVE braids!

Freckles in April

Lauren and Brian Davis said...

I love love love braids ... but I don't know how to do them!

I once spent like an hour trying to figure it out ... which entailed watching youtube videos ... but alas it did not happen.


Nina Fenn said...

fun and i sport a braid here and there but i will definitely be doing them more :)

Mindi said...

I'm totally willing to do braids. Problem: regrowth after baby #2. Can we still look cute with the regrowth coming in on both sides? It's a worry of mine. Even pony-tails are an issue because it shows off the baldy-bald mommy!

Courtney Rogers said...

Oh my gosh I HAVE to learn how to fish tail braid ASAP And can we just talk about how I practically invented that braid around the head look? mmk?thanks.

Jen said...

I love all these braided looks (except Kim's), but I am definitely in need of a tutorial!

Abbey said...

uh-lease, PLEASE do a braid tutorial!! I love the fly away wispy braid look, but for sure my fingers are pathetic and I need help learning how to braid!

Shi and Family said...

I have been sporting braids ever since you girls first talked about them. The only problem is that I can't braid my own hair so I have my mom (yes my mom) braid my hair for me! She liked the way they looked so much that she started braiding her hair too! Please vlog about it so I can braid my own hair! :-)

Cami said...

I LOVE braids. I have shortish hair. I would love a tutorial on how to braid back bangs and how to make a braid work with shortish hair. I super love the messy braid look too!