Monday, August 30, 2010


Okay. So here's the scoop: There is this amazing company called CSN and they run over 200 websites. We thought we'd share with you some of the cute things they have. The possibilities are endless. Seriously. From end tables, to home decor, to shoes this place is a rabbit hole of goodies.

chalkboard wall decal



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Emmy Awards 2010

And the Winners are...
honestly? I couldn't really tell you. But I can {always} give you my opinion on red carpet looks. Oh, and we can't forget the not-so-best dressed because {let's face it} we can't-not go there. Follow my journey of the Emmy's; best to Ew!

First let's enter the
BEST section.

My favorite look of the whole night {drumroll please}

Lea Michele
in a BEAUTIFUL Oscar de la Renta Gown.
I love the statement necklace.
also. has anyone else noticed how skinny she is these days?

Claire Danes in a close second.
She looked SO beautiful in Armani Prive.
Was it just my TV or was her dress the most shimmery perfection you've ever seen.
The ONLY reason I didn't give her first place was because her eye makeup looked so muddy.
You can't really tell in the pics below, but please tell me I'm not the only one that noticed?
January Jones.
LOVE the cobalt blue on her flawless skin. I also love that she took a chance with this dress.
On some of the post emmy shows her hair got slammed but I'll be the first to say I like it. Very refreshing, very Glamourous!

Now, come with me to the Pretty Dresses Section.

Heidi Klum.
Talk about taking chances. She wore a {very} mini Marchesa. But with those legs I can't really fault her. Love her accessories. I only wish there wasn't as much volume on the hip area?
Keri Russell.
She looks so classy. Refreshing pop of color. She only loses some points with me with her shoe choice. It's nothing atrocious. Just a few points.
Kim Kardashian.
I was neither here nor there about this look. It's just not my favorite. I thought her jewelry was fantastical but everything else was kind of forgettable.
Sofia Vergara.
Hair: Perfection. Makeup: Perfection. Dress: I'm on the fence. This woman is so stunningly beautiful that she could wear anything. This dress just didn't call out to me.
Diana Agron.
Such a beautiful girl. Not crazy about the dress. I felt the look was too matronly for her young self. Stunning from the neck- up.
Christina Hendricks.
This lady can hardly do wrong in my book. She is just GORG. This Zac Posen dress fits her beautifully. The only reason she made it into the "pretty" section was because it doesn't compare with previous award show looks she's had.
BAD Section
Enter at your own Risk!

The lipstick. The bow. The Prom dress gone wrong. The jewelry with the dress. Ay yi yi!
Dear Jewel, if you're reading this. I'm sorry. I think you have a beautiful voice!

Kate Gosselin.
Love to hate her. {had to say it} Why the bang swoop? Why? And secondly, what are you doing at the Emmys?
Rita Wilson.
Here we have my least favorite look of the night.
Chicken wire-over-nurse uniform with disco plastic dangle shoes?
What a mouthful. Don't even get me started on the shellacked hair situation.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

WW: colorblock dresses

I scored this amazing vintage dress about a month ago at my local Goodwill. I love the shape and color {I am a sucker for navy}! Plus, although the colorblocking is super modern, the silhouette gives it its retro feel.

dress: Goodwill
Belt: vintage
shoes: F21

dang, I just realized how un-copyable my outfit is. sorry.

I don't want to leave you high and dry with no other inspiration besides a Goodwill treasure. So, I have been hunting for a good alternative to my vintage dress. Colorblock dresses are actually all over the place these days, but you have to be careful. Choose one that hits the knee so it doesn't look too baby-dollish. Fortunately, the look is also super easy to fake. All you need is a crisp blouse and high-waisted pencil skirt.
{which are wardrobe staples already, am I right?!}

Friday, August 27, 2010

VLOG: Smokey Eye

H and I have both been dying to spotlight the SMOKEY EYE as the subject for our next vlogging session.

{me, to answer the constant question of HOW TO, and H to be able to be the model for the demo}

We both immediately thought of Kim K as the perfect smokey eye muse. She pulls it off without a hitch, and it is basically her signature look.

After rifling through photos and chatting about our smokey eye inspirations, we made this how-to video for you to enjoy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

bless her heart.

You know when you are gonna say something not-so-nice about someone, you say "bless her heart" first? Well, here goes...

I have a simple question for you: If you were Hilary Duff and had all the money in the world, and THIS was your engagement ring (just had to throw that in there cause it's kinda unbelieve):

Would you do your hair like THIS for your wedding? It is a disaster of massive proportion. First of all, the bun is obviously extensions because it is 2 shades lighter than the top of her hair. Also, who agrees that Hilary needs a bang? Or a tan? Or maybe just some blush? I will settle for blush...just give me something to work with here!

When I picked up this week's issue of OK! Magazine to check out Hilary Duff's wedding photos I was seriously shocked by the hair situation. Each picture was worse than the last. Unfortunately, hardly any of the pictures have made their way online so if you want to see for yourself, you can browse though the mag whilst in the checkout lane at the grocery store. Prepared to be amazed. And not in a good way.

All I can say is: rat's nest city, USA, population: Hilary Duff.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair: Most Wanted


{almost} Every week I have clients bringing in celebrity pictures of hair they love. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you who's picture has made it's way into my hands more than once.
With that, I give you...
The HOT list.

Victoria Beckham. duh.

Heidi Klum. Love both looks on her.
Olivia Palermo. Gorg chocolaty brown locks.
Is it any surprise that she's on here twice? Many coveted her highlighted hair as well.
Carrie Underwood. LOVE her creamy color.
Jessica Biel. Have you seen her new Revlon commercials?
Her hair looks absolutley FAB in those.
Joan Holloway. Have you seen anything more babilicious?
Jennifer Aniston. Again, no shock there. Her hair is dreamy.

SO many fantastic celebrity hair inspirations out there. Who's do - do you envy?

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


This weekend, I wore my WW twice. Is that weird? Does it make it better that I changed the shoes, belt, hair and earrings the second time around?

I had a wedding to go to yesterday, and I woke up a little late for church today, hence the wardrobe repeat. Forgive my lack of creativity and innovation.

Both pictures:

Dress: Gap (it's the one I wanted for my bday!!)

Cardigan: Old Navy - I seriously can't believe this cardi. My sister got it for me for my bday and this particular color is sold out everywhere! Unfortunately for our readers, it is this specific color combo that inspired the WW. However, there are still two other colors available online.

Left picture:
Shoes: Last Chance
Belt: Gap

Right and Middle Pictures:
Shoes: F21
Belt F21

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Friday, August 20, 2010

a photo shoot

We like to post things to let you know the projects we have been working on lately...

We were asked by the fabulous photography house Still Life Studios to do the hair and makeup for a brochure photo shoot for Encanterra, a beautiful new wedding venue in Queen Creek.

Here are some pictures from that shoot that really showcase the photographer, venue, and {hopefully} The Beauty Mark!


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