Monday, December 6, 2010

before and after

IF you're friends with us on FB, you know that our motto is
"because everyone loves a makeover."
Well we've decided to add a new segment to the blog to give everyone what they really want. Before and after pictures!! Let's kick off the first one with a beauty. And let me just tell you, she's not wearing any makeup...I KNOW, if she weren't so nice we'd hate her!


Gorgeous, right? She was such a good sport. I love me some blonde locks! A big thank you to Cori for putting up with my less-than-professional photog skills. Now everyone let Cori know what you think!

Also. We've had many inquiries about prices. We'd like to point out "The Beauty Mark Pricing" found under our header that can answer just that. ALSO we have some major Holiday packages available for you to give all your loved ones the gift of beauty!! Not to mention giving the cutest gift card in town. (to.die.for) Email us for those special prices

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Brooke said...


Jessica said...

i love cori!
she looks so awesome... all . the . time! :)

stacey said...

Love the hair, and I love Cori. She is beautiful inside and out. Cori is one of my all time favorite Cosmo students and is the lovely lady that got me hooked on you two. I owe her for that one. You make me proud Cori! You look and are amazing.

P.S. I also love creating a lovely blondey.