Sunday, November 7, 2010

WW: Updating Oldies

For this weekend wardrobe I decided to hit it old school and pull out a skirt from high school. Yes! I bought this little beauty circa 2003. Should I be ashamed? Maybe. But it was one of those "try-on-everything-in-your-closet" -days. {and the fact that it still fits was a big bonus/factor in me wearing it}

Skirt- Hurley (ha!) Nordstrom
Cream Shirt- F21
Pink Cardigan- Ann Taylor Loft
Belt- F21
Earrings- Adina a la Habit Salon

So this WW begs the question...

What clothes are still lurking in your closet that still make a comeback every so often?
Let's have a little "contest" of sorts...can you do better {or worse, however you look at it} than my 03 Hurley skirt?

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Kayla said...

Up until a couple years ago I had a skirt left over from my 6th grade graduation. And it still fit, which is why I think I couldn't bring myself to part with it (too proud!). But it was kind of ugly and I couldn't bring myself to wear it. I finally tossed it in a massive closet purge.

Love the pink cardigan.

Em said...

3 Words: Abercrombie Track Pants. You know, the swooshy kind? Yup, those. I've had them since 2000/9th Grade {at least!! maybe even earlier??} The blue ones with white and red stripes down the side. I had to upgrade from the ones that had buttons all the way down because Matt Van and Sam Woods teamed up and de-pants'd me {luckily I was wearing cheer shorts under} and ran away with them and locked them in their locker. Yes, I'm still having nightmares about it.

Myla said...

I have a sweet grandpa cardigan from my "I worship Kurt Cobain " grunge days in 7th grade. Its a cream, cable knit, hip lenth, 2 front pocket, oversized button lovely that I scored @ the thriftstore back in 94'. I still wear it every winter!! Now-a-days I layer it with a blouse & leggings belted just above my prego belly.

JD and Hillary Darner said...

Emily- I know exactly which pants you're talking about! Have we really been friends that long??

I'm loving these oldies! I wish my grandmas/mom would have kept more of their clothes from back in the day. Heeelllooo vintage!