Sunday, November 14, 2010

WW: back in black

This weekend I wasn't concentrating fully on my outfits because I have been way too busy purchasing a whole new wardrobe composed of exclusively black clothing items. Why black, you may ask? Because I am officially the newest MAC employee at Nordstrom Scottsdale in Fashion Square! I have been debating about returning to work at MAC for a while, but it hasn't quite worked out timing-wise. This last few weeks, I had the opportunity to pursue a position at MAC and everything came together!

Needless to say, I have been scurrying around trying to get myself outfitted with trendy black clothes and accessories before starting work on Tuesday. This may seem an easy task, but when you have to wear black on black on black, certain items must stand out. Texture, pattern and detail {coupled with professionalism} all come to the forefront. Luckily when working for a fabulous company like MAC, you are free to express your individuality through your clothing choices. Here are just a few {of my admittedly many} recent purchases:

These shoes, super comfy with a great rhinestone detail:

That said, anyone have any suggestions for the perfect comfortable yet stylish work shoe?

This shirt, love the ruffle:

This darling skirt:

Plus, approximately one million pairs of black textured tights, of course :)

btw, I highly recommend getting a job that requires you to purchase a whole new wardrobe. Best excuse to go shopping EVER.

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Whitney and Michael said...

court you should look into the black toms at nordys, sooooooo comfy!

Steph said...

I've never tried MAC makeup but I hear it's the only way to go. I've always been too embarrassed to go to the MAC places at the mall because...well..what if for some reason I don't like it and don't buy anything? Will they think I"m super cheap-o? What's your opinion on going to the makeup counter and not buying anything on the spot?

PS. LOVE your guys' blog. You are both adorable!

Mallory said...

i work up satirs in kids shoes, i'll have to come down and get a consultation from you one of these days cuz when it comes to make up- im lost!

Courtney Rogers said...

Yes PLEASE come visit me!! I would love to do a consult for you!!

There is absolutely no pressure to ever buy anything at a makeup counter. I know sometimes it feels that way, but as for me I am always just wanting my customer to leave happy and and knowing how to use their products! Come see me and I would love to give you some MAC education!!