Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Wardrobe: Two Timing

When you shop with a friend do the two of you usually go home with the same thing?

Well 9 times out of 10 C and I do.

Our closets are practically identical.

We dream of a day that we can just share a closet: thus doubling our wardrobe.

So here's a recap of this weekend:

We were discussing this very matter Thursday night. Friday afternoon, we went shopping. C bought the loveliest of black tees and I exercised my restraint. C insisted I get it but I was trying to be "good" {I like to space out my shopping sprees- as if a week makes any difference} Saturday rolls around and BAM! What do ya know? I get an email from Gap, begging me {practically paying me} to come in.

So there I am standing at the counter. Shirt; in hand, slightly ashamed.

Here we go again...

Sequin Pocket Tee: Gap

Skirt: J Crew {still in stores}

Patterned Tights: Last Chance

Black Heels: Jessica Simpson

Hoops: Walmart-holla!

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Jamie said...

absolutely loved your outfit today at church. I wanted to talk to you more in the hallway about it but too many people at that moment. Ha ha! Super cute shirt. I want it so badly!

WM PALMER said...

I just got that shirt last week and love it. Please tell me you didn't buy it full price?

JD and Hillary Darner said...

Of course not! I never buy anything at Gap full price, everything goes on sale!

Connie said...

You are so cute Hillary! And thanks for your comment- considering you have actually handled my hair, that is a HUGE compliment!(:
ps. I can't wait for you to work your magic again- I might need a style for family pictures (I'm horrible doing my own :p)