Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday

First of all, let's all picture black lace. Now erase the association with lingerie. What are you left with? It should be this little tidbit of gorgeousness:

Yup. Taylor did it again. LOVE the Tracy Reese dress she sported on Ellen this week. (except maybe next time, a bra might be nice?)

Here's the real thing, now available for pre-order at Nordy's. (and a steal at $385! hehe)

*Side note: I like the nude lining Taylor did versus the black one this model is wearing. I think the black cheapens the look a little.

Black lace is another huge trend for fall. I gotta admit, this one is not ideal in my book. When can the average girl wear black lace and not look like a streetwalker or a prom queen?

Behold, the sophisticated woman's fancy lace alternatives:

J Crew, $110
Love this tee tucked into a pair of high waisted trouser jeans, with a fab statement necklace.

This dress is a $98 alternative to Taylor's designer version.
Found here.

This tee is super casual and allows for the black lace trend without overwhelming the whole outfit.

These socks are the perfect companion for all the boots we will be wearing this winter!

Let's not forget the easiest way to get the lace look: TIGHTS. No lie, the main reason I love winter is because I get to wear tights. Such an easy look with a fashionable outcome.
Lacy tights, Anthropologie, $18

How are you going to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe this fall?

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Envy My Cooking said...

oh my yes she needs a bra. i think you guys should do a week of fall/winter clothing with items under $20... all these things shown are way out of my price range and would get ruined in a minute by the kids:)Just an idea!
love karla