Sunday, October 17, 2010

WW: beg, borrow (don't steal.)

Dress: Anthropologie (no longer available, sad song.)

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent (okay okay they are Steve Madden, but a pretty good knockoff, yes?)

Bracelet, ring: Vintage

Earrings: F21

I took a picture of my hair because this is my new fave 'do. I got like a million compliments on it and guess what? It is simply two ponytails wrapped into messy buns. I'm pretty sure I copied Blake Lively, but I can't be positive because I can't remember when/where I saw it. Perhaps I invented the 'do with my own imagination? Hmm. You're right, that's doubtful.

Also. I don't often (or ever?) include photos of my son, but I had to share a secret with you. H & M has the cheapest and cutest little boy clothes. Especially dressy clothes. I'm talking mini Chuck Bass. Cardigans, etc. LOVE! Anyway, his shirt and vest are both from there. (YAY for an H & M in AZ! Finally. It took us long enough to catch up with the rest of the country. And world.)

P.S. This WW would not have been possible without my darling friend A, who allowed me to browse through her closet in hopes of finding a suitable (and postable) ensemble. Did you think I could afford a full-priced Anthropologie dress on my own dime? Don't be ridiculous. I will say that A did buy the dress whilst on a personal shopping excursion with yours truly, so therefore I can take credit for spotting this winning number.

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Rachel Hagen said...

Gorgeous dress. LOVE H&M clothes. Little Sam sported one of their vests today a to church.

AbbSTUHH said...

love YOU. love your little 'credit' i was given. and you're hot.

Connie said...

Cutest dress ever! And thanks for sharing about H&M's boy clothes... I was just there even but didn't even look. With a little boy and another boy on the way, I need to know where the cute clothes are at. (:

kayla and tyler said...

I love THAT DRESS! and I really want your shoes... I NEED them.