Friday, October 22, 2010

Look for Less

When I saw Drew Barrymore in this swoon-worthy ensemble I knew I wanted to plan Fashion Tip Friday around the search for a still fashionable, albeit cheaper, alternative.

Has anyone else noticed how chic and sophisticated Drew is becoming in her fashion choices? This is probably my all time favorite for her:

Sequin top: Richard Chai
Slouchy Pants: Camilla & Marc
Shoes: YSL

Just the shoes cost $720!

Here's what my exhausting search turned up by way of suitable substitutes:

I love the idea of a slouchy pant that is super forgiving, but that is more night-to-day versatile.

Pants (from left) Gap, $34.99; Gap, $29.99; Khaki pants, $42

A sequined top is definitely a seasonal piece and lacks trend longevity, so another {cheaper} way to get the sequined look would be to swap out the belt in your slouchy pants for a sequin ribbon (found at craft stores) and trade the sequin top for a basic white T. Result: a cheap chic look that even a movie star would be proud of.

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jenna♥devon said...

Charming Charlie has very similar sequin tops for about $25-$30. Love that look!

Tatiana said...

I love slouchy pants. They are so chic and hide so much! Never thought about the sequin top with them. Love it.