Friday, October 8, 2010

FTF + reader question

We haven't tackled a reader question for a while, so when we got this one, we thought it would be the perfect inquiry to combine with Fashion Tip Friday!

Hi There!
I have a blog question....
Are you two gals loving the boot trend for fall? If so, could you put together some looks and share your favorite boot(s) picks? You girls are great, and as always, look forward to reading your new entries. Thanks!

Okay. There are approximately one million boot trends out there right now. I have noticed, however, that most styles have one thing in common. Flat heels! (Which I am loving. So chic. So wearable.)

My personal favorite is the RIDING BOOT. I love dressing like I am coming out of an old-school Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren advertisement. I feel like saddling up a horse and going for a ride in the countryside. Anyway. Here's a couple favorites:

Steve Madden Intyce boot. $130. (I have these in cognac and black) I am loving the grayish-taupe that SM came out with this year. These boots are so comfortable and forever in style.

A favorite way to wear these boots is with a fabulous pair of knee-high socks under them. Last year I wore some mustard yellow argyle socks with them, but this year I am going to expand to lacy socks for a little more femininity.

Steve Madden Greyson boots. $200. LOVE the button detailing. Exposed hardware is so now.

WEDGE boots are also on trend for the season.

Never underestimate the power of an ANKLE BOOTIE.
found here, $100.

Ladies, we must be careful when executing this fickle trend. To downplay the "sexiness" that is associated with over the knee boots I suggest getting them in a color other than black. Also, if you can stay away from patent leather, that would help to deflect the over the knee boot association with a streetwalker. This trend can turn trashy fast. Use your discretion.
Frye boots, $450 (ouch)

Steve Madden, found here, $110
Aldo, $100

Not-so-honorable mention: LACE UP BOOTS.

Is it just me, or does this trend only look good on celebrities and 6 foot models?

A good way to experiment with trends is to buy a couple different cheaper pairs of boots to see which suits your lifestyle best. Then, you can concentrate and splurge on the style you wear most.

I suggest looking at F21 for cheap boots before taking the plunge for the triple digit styles.

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Summer said...

I too love the flat, I'm allready tall no need to feeli like a ginat. The riding style is my fav. Thanks for the tip on the charcoal SM, that is where I'll be looking!

Jessica said...

great stuff! i have been eyeing this pair from target...
is it a yay or nay?
thanks for all the fashion goodness!

Courtney Rogers said...


Love the Target boots. Great find!!