Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amy Clark Photography

Many of you have probably noticed our newest blog addition, SPONSORS! Yes, that's right ladies (and gents) we are now accepting businesses (both large and small) as a way to increase your success and ours!!

Now we want to introduce you to one of our lovely sponsors, Amy Clark Photography.

Want to know a little more about A? Wonderful! Here's a juicy little bio:

"My name is Amy and I shoot modern lifestyle portraits of families, children, babies and maternity. I love to take photos of real life that tell stories. My number one goal as a photographer is keeping my work timeless. I want to photograph in a way that 10 years from now, my clients photos will still look good because trend doesn't date it. When I shoot, I try my hardest to capture what I would want someone else to capture for me. I’m inspired by my own family and friends, bursting light, the color white and simplicity."

Oh, and p.s. feel free to be green with envy over A's extraordinary talents and gorgeous children:

Here's some more photos to feast your eyes on. A's got some serious skills.

sidebar: I NEED that umbrella. Nevermind that it doesn't rain in AZ. I'll carry it around to protect me from the sun.

Besides being so talented, A is also such a darling. She is having a giveaway over at her blog RIGHT NOW!! And even if you don't win the giveaway's grand prize session, A says that she will give $20 off a session to Beauty Mark readers!! All you have to do is mention The Beauty Mark upon booking. (Her AZ session dates are November 15-22, email her at for more info or to schedule.)

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famofboys said...

I WANT THIS BAD! can you imagine the christmas card photos????

bradshaw said...
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{Layla} said...

came across your blog and found 1-a post about my friend amy, 2-pictures of me and my hubby, and 3-a mention about my umbrella. (one of my many thrift store finds) very exciting!!! what a lovely blog this is! both of you ladies are darling. :)