Sunday, September 5, 2010


This weekend we enjoyed a dinner out with some good friends. We tried out a new restaurant, which we LOVED. My husband is a Thai food connoisseur of sorts, so we are always on the lookout for some authentic Thai grub. We definitely found all that and more at Nunthaporn's Thai Cuisine in downtown Mesa. We will be going back for more asap.


Jeggings: Target **note to readers: you MUST go buy these jeggings. Run to your nearest Target if need be. They are so comfortable, versatile and a perfect pairing with many of this season's trends. Word to the wise: if you are trying to decide between two sizes in these jeggs, go for the smaller size; they stretch a ton!

White Blouse: GAP

Shoes: BCBG

Belt: Old Navy

Earrings: F21

Okay, also. I need our readers to restore my faith and love in Forever 21. I seriously haven't bought anything there in like 6 months, which is a total Guinness World Record. I see some potential in their online selection but HATE paying for shipping and not trying things on. I need a 3 way mirror to decide on a purchase, I can't rely on what the clothing item looks like on a 6'0" teenage model.

Maybe in my old age {25} I have lost the passion for searching through the disorganized chaos that is F21. Have you bought anything there lately that is fantastic? Something perhaps I can copy you on?

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Mauri said...

I bought those jeggings a few weeks ago instead of a $50-$60 pair at Gap and I love them-wore them this weekend! Def. a good find for $20.

I recently found a white silk blouse with black trim around the ruffles etc. and it was cheap! It looks NOT cheap (which is always my F21 goal). It was from one of their more expensive lines they carry. The F21 at fashion square is my favorite. it's hit or miss depending on your mood. If I can find it online I'll send you the link. I don't remember which one I bought it at-San Tan maybe?

Jessica said...

super cute!
i think thats were ive seen you... at some thai food place. maybe thai house? i knew i have seen you somewhere. we LOVE thai:) thanks for the recommendation.

Jaime Stephens said...

I love Forevers Basic line.. So cheap and the best layering tees and camis. They are like $3.. Our forever 21 in Utah is a department store so it's not overwhelming it's organized. I can't go to other ones they are too crazy so make your way somehow to the one in Sandy Utah and you will fall in love again..

Clint, Marianne, Sage and Charlotte said...

Sorry, I'm a Debbie Downer. I am not a fan of F21. Everything I've ever gotten from there has shrunk, and I NEVER find anything that fits my strange body. Plus I'm always in way too big a hurry to look through their huge disorganized mess. :)

abbie said...

courtney you are cracking me up the the chaos thing at F21. i always feel like people are looking at me like, "WHY is that girl with the double stroller in here??" yes- i do stupid things like take my kids to the mall when i feel the urge to buy something new. i have actually picked up a few things there recently, but i had also been on a huge streak of not finding anything.. it seems like you walk in and score a handful of stuff or leave feeling like all you saw were weird lycra club clothes. it's hit or miss! but i guess that's what happens when everything is less than $25.