Monday, September 27, 2010

a tale of two shoppers

I just had the.worst.experience (coupled with a great experience, but more on that later) at Last Chance. I am sure you have all come across a similar situation at LC but I am seething mad right now and super duper peeved. Good thing I have an avenue with which I can vent my frustrations publically.

So I am at Last Chance with my son, walking around the shoe section. All of the sudden I see a girl with (no lie) the BEST SHOES EVER. She is trying them on, doing a once-over in the mirror, and not looking all that impressed. I stay in her general vicinity, hoping (praying, really) that she will discard these shoes that have quickly become my dream shoe. I wanted to ask her if I could have the shoes, but then I knew that if she knew that I wanted them then she would want them even more. You know what I'm saying? (You have to stay very calm at LC in fear of creating a frenzy over any specific item. It's like the code of conduct there or something)

Let me back up and describe the shoe so that mentally you are right there with me.

A navy blue patent leather stacked platform with metallic studs on the toe {and not to mention toe cleavage as far as the eye can see.}

I circled around her like I was stalking prey (which I basically was) and was able to surreptitiously check the brand name (DV) and the price (a mere $29.99) before Miss greedy-shoes walked to the register to buy my dream heels. I was powerless to stop her.

I wanted to follow her outside and physically assault her. I mean, she was already buying like 6 other pairs of shoes, why does she need MY SHOES?

I wondered if she would trade the shoes for my left arm. Or perhaps for the shoes I was already wearing (I glanced down and saw that I was wearing a pair of Target flats. DRAT! Those would never do.)

I became obsessed with the possibility of owning these pumps. I can’t believe I’ve never owned navy blue heels before! And now I have let the perfect pair slip through my fingers!

Now I am home sulking in my misfortune (if only I had looked at the size 8 shoes before the 7 and a halfs!) and these stupid (albeit magnificent) shoes are all I can think about. BOO!

And guess what!? To add salt to my wound I found out that they don’t sell the blue ones online (never mind the travesty that they are $80+ online) Devastation Central dot com!! And, while I was searching for them online I came across this picture, which made the whole thing even worse:

Little J from Gossip Girl is wearing MY shoes in an upcoming episode? I don't even like Taylor Momsen but the fact that my FAVORITE shoes are being featured on my FAVORITE show is more than I can take.

Okay. Enough complaining.

I do have some good news for y'all! Last Chance's boots are currently an additional 40% off! I got some Steve Madden boots (retail $129) for $27 and some fab Seychelles boots (retail $100+) for $17. It almost makes up for the loss of my dream shoes. Almost.

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JD and Hillary Darner said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. However I love this post. It takes me back to my Shopaholic books. I'm certain we were friends with label-loving Rebecca Bloomwood in another life!

May those heels RIP

JT, Britt & Bella said...

Thanks for the laugh! But really, that is a bummer.. I am sorry! PS did you see any cute white dresses (that hit at the knee)?

l&c said...

this is hilarious c! i know exactly what you are talking about. a few years ago I watched the perfect pair of joes jeans walk away in the arms of another girl. i haven't been back there since. although 40% off boots is pretty enticing... <3 l.

Alexa Mae said...

oh court! i would say "you'll find better" but when i saw them in that picture I started loathing the girl that stole them right out of your dreams. sad day. sad day, indeed.

i need to go get BOOTS! thanks for the heads up!

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Oh my gosh! I love it!

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

P.S. I totally want to hire you guys to style me. I've been rocking the yoga pants way too often and I need an intervention. :)