Wednesday, September 29, 2010

show your spots!

I totally believe in a leopard accessory. It is just the ticket to sprucing up some of your old faithfuls. And (bonus) it's a totally huge trend for fall!

My mom and I both happened to be wearing leopard on Sunday so I snapped a quick photo of us looking like twins.

fyi: my cardigan is Target, and my mom's skirt is Nordstrom Rack.

A few tips for sporting the leopard look:

**Don't got overkill with the leopard situation. Like, no head-to-toe.

**If you are nervous about it, start small with an leopard accent. Pretty soon you'll have the confidence to rock all the leopard your heart desires (but within reason, please. restrain yourselves.)

I have celebrity examples!! (as per usual):

Nicole Richie. LOVE the turquoise with the leopard shirt.

seriously, Paris? 47 different leopard patterns? someone help her, please.

What do YOU think of Rachel Bilson's leopard outfit of choice?

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kayla and tyler said...

You and your mom are gorgeous!! You come from great genes!! love the leopard print. I recently bought some, i've been scared to try it before now, but I like it!

Envy My Cooking said...

I think if her dress was a different pattern of leopard it would be a lot cuter.... I like the dress not the material. and so cute the pic of you and your momma.
love karla

kate lines said...

agreed. i've got cheetah flats that seem to go with everything.