Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's in the bag.

You know those articles in magazines about what celebrities keep in their purses? They fascinate me. I love hearing about what people cannot live without.

{If you do not see eye-to-eye with me on this issue, feel free to stop reading...}

H and I thought it would be fun to give you a peek into our purses, and share with the public the few items we never want to find ourselves without. {today is my turn}

1. Purse, Urban Outfitters {there are so many pockets and zippers, it doubles as my diaper bag!}
2. I always have to carry a bright lipstick with me, just in case. This one happens to be MAC in Show Orchid.
3. Do you guys know about Rosebud Salve? It's the best and practically everyone swears by it. I love it because you can use it on lips, hair, skin, cuticles, etc. etc. Really, the possibilities are endless! {I buy mine at Bath and Body Works.}
4. I always keep a stash of candy with me. I like to tell people that I am {self-diagnosed} hypoglycemic, but really I just have a major sweet tooth. I keep Dum Dum suckers for Mr. Dean {my one-year-old} and butterum Life Savers for yours truly.
5. Mini lint-roller = extreme necessity.
6. I always keep two pairs of sunnies on me. One for daily wear and a fancier pair in case I am going out. I get all my sunglasses at Nordstrom Rack. These both happen to be Armani Exchange.
7. I have to have my eyebrow pencil Lingering on hand. I should practically carry it in my back pocket. I don't like to be caught without my eyebrows on {vanity.}
8. Blackberry {I like to pretend that I am a business woman and must have access to my email accounts at all times.}
9. My staple lipgloss: MAC Dazzleglass in Smile
10. Hand lotion. This one has a lemon fragrance, which I love for it's lovely freshness quality.
11. Wallet. This one is from Urban Outfitters and it's the b.e.s.t. It has approximately one million compartments, and you can't beat the $18 price tag. {it's not available online but they still have it in stores}

What can't YOU leave the house without?

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kayla and tyler said...

wow. I am very jealous that your purse is so tidy and clean. My purse has candy wrappers, receipts, & papers all over the place. I MUST always carry a small mirror. because sometimes your husband doesn't tell you that you have food stuck in your teeth!!! how fabulous. Also, I must always have some sort of lip gloss!

Lisa Harris said...

I just did this post on my blog last month. I LOVE to look at what people carry in their bag.

Scott+Tiffany said...

court, you are such a celebrity, i love it! please tell me you prepped your purse for this post, mine is also full of receipts, and other junk i don't even remember i put in there, Scott tells me he is afraid to go in there!

Becah said...

Basically, I love this, but, I have a quick question...Where do you get moroccan oil and what exactly does it do? I noticed you mentioned it in a hair vlog of yours, but I don't think you said where to buy it or where to get it! Help?


P.S. You two totally rock!

JD and Hillary Darner said...


If you or someone you know has a license to get professional product you can get it at MAKA beauty supply. If not, and you live in Mesa area, you can get it at HABIT salon.

To sum it up...It's basically the best thing of your whole life! You put it on all your ends when your hair is wet and it makes your hair a shiny silk-fest. It doesn't contain alcohol like 99% of hair product so it will not dry your hair out. It keeps your hair healthy, which avoids breakage, which in turns helps it grow longer, faster! LOVE this product.

Becah said...

Thanks, doll!!

Kent & Liz said...

Rosebud salve... have one in my purse, kitchen drawer, nightstand, ect. ect. Can't live without it! Just found it in a squeeze tube form at Anthro, so of course I had to buy one! You can never have too many:)