Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Giveaway: thephOtospOt

Fall Fashion Freebie Week

Give-away #2

A Custom Blog Header.

Today's giveaway sponsored by the phOto spOt!


famofboys said...

I just love all of them. It is so hard to choose. I NEED one for my blog BAD! I am already a follower. What if you dont do facebook, but I told a lot of people about your giveaways, and I will blog about it,

SpencerandChelseaCoon said...

I am a follower on facebook and your blog!

I need a cute header for my craft blog...its small but im hoping to get it going here pretty soon and a new gorgeous header would be a fabulous start! I love all the headers but I like the simplicity of paper circus.

JT, Britt & Bella said...

Oh goodness these are too cute for words! I would love one to start my craft blog!

I follow you too ♥

Summer said...

Hi. First off I'm Summer a former Sherwood ;) So I have to figure out which Sherwood you are Courtney, One of the 14?( Oh, and I am Samantha's sister in law) haha

Secondly love the blog girls. I think the distressed pinkstripes would be my fav, simple and understated but so eyecatching!

I used to be a huge blog chick, took a hiatus, and now coming back because I am doing a boutique and have been using my Boutique to get the word out.bahaha. I do love finding all the new-cool blogs that popped up while I was taking my break!

Suzy Hicks said...

The relaxed vintage is my fave. Simple with pops of color!

Shelbie said...
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Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

i need a blog makeover!!! mine has been the same now for over a year and its boring, but i dont know what to do with it. i would love for the roses are red banner to be custom made for my blog so i could re vamp it up! i would love something new and amazing!!! and im also following your blog and on fb. thanks so much you guys for posting all of these fun giveaways!! hoping i win at least one! :]

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

My blog is Girly Girl Giveaways! I LOVE all these banners! I really love In a Royal Garden, Ooh La la, Paper Circus, Old Hollywood Glam... they're all really really great!

Chels said...

I'd LOVE to win a custom blog header!
I'm a follower, I'm a FB friend!

Shelbie said...

K. this give away rocks my socks off. I absolutely love the way she makes these headers look. I have a blog where I refinish and sell furniture and sometimes throw some decorating in the mix too. I made my own header but hers puts mine to shame and its just sad and it needs some spice. So I'm officially a follower & a fan on facebook.
Thanks! (mystylemyown.blogspot.com)

Chacoy said...

My mom is starting her own blog to go along with her new Etsy shop!

Sent a request on FB/ChacoyAguayo-Ma21cuteboy

I think that 'Paper Circus' & 'Vintage Vixen' are right up her alley!