Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday

Let me introduce you to a new segment we'd like to call


For your pure enjoyment we will be giving away bits of our knowledge to you, our loyal readers. Hair, Makeup, Clothing, and {you guessed it} Beauty Tips that you can take straight to the bank {so to speak}.

The Beauty Mark: Making Waves.

We've noticed a lot of wave going around this fall. This is something you can totally achieve at home.

Do you own a curlstick? Perfect.

You don't? How about a large barrel curling iron?

1. Start with the perfect blowout. Lucky for you we've demonstrated exactly how this is done, here.

2. Take large 1 1/2-2 inch sections of hair and wrap it around your curlstick, bringing some ends through, curling the midsection of mostly.

3. Run a pick or paddlebrush through those ringlets (unless your hair doesn't hold curl well, then piece them with your fingers) Spray a light hairspray. And wah-lah! Some very feminine, sexy waves!

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