Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday: Military

Are we all aware of the military trend that is happening in fashion right now? I've gotta admit, it's not my favorite. If you know me, you know I am a fan of feminine, girly clothes. But, I am starting to get into the "androgynous" look more by wearing baggier clothes with more masculine details. In fact, H {and my mom} both say that I wear my clothes too big. But that's beside point. The point IS is that military is hot right now. And if I want to be on trend for Fall 2010, I must hop on the bandwagon...

From the runway... real life

LOVE me some suspenders. These pants bring a stirring in my soul for F21. {yay for something cute!}

Love this army jacket because the rolled up sleeves are SO now. AND I like that would still give me a waist.
Convoy coat, Anthropologie $198

K I tried this on at Gap, but {like I mentioned before} my mom vetoed it because of its bagginess factor. But now that it comes in gray, I might have to shun her opinion on the fit for the love of the trend.
Dolman shirt, Gap $59.50

Who knew military could be so CHIC? I love the brass buttons on this coat, and the shape is fantastic.
Cadet Button Jacket, F21 $24.80 {ya I know, it's practically free!}

Okay, and I can't talk about the military trend without mentioning this season's "IT" pants. I personally don't really get it. I don't find them to be ultra flattering or even that attractive, but I suppose the celebrity endorsements have sparked a greedy trend in the public {J Brand has sold over 75,000 pairs of its Houlihan slim cargo pants and currently has 40,000 on backorder!}

just fyi, I have seen a remarkable knock off pair of cargos at Nordstrom Rack for like $25. It beats J Brand's $231 asking price!!

In case you are wondering, I will probably only get one military-inspired piece this fall. I'm thinking either a vest or a dress. Keep your eyes peeled for me.

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Alexa Mae said...

i am loving the military trend! i look everywhere online, add it to my cart and then NOT checkout. i need the perfect one.

p.s. sorry, but i'm really loving courd pants this fall. what do you thing? did ya check out the skinny ones from GAP? got them in indigo. yep!

Jen said...

I totally don't get the skinny cargo pant, I also don't think it's that flattering. But I have noticed all the celebs wearing them.

However, I actually love the military trend! I like the jacket from F21 you posted. Although the one I really want is this one from Loft: Melange Grey

Courtney Rogers said...

SO cute! Love it. Did you know everything is 30% off at Ann Taylor Loft today? Perfect opportunity to get your military on!

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Following you :)

Welcome to enjoy and follow at

<3 Anika

Keighley Fleming said...

I actually like certain aspects of the military trend however I am not sure Im going to get into it because I'm afraid every time I'll go somewhere 20 other girls will be dressed in similar fashion.

I sometimes hate following a trend because I then I feel so unoriginal. Does that sound stupid>

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Not digging the military trend at all. And what is with all the PLAID?! That seems to be a hot topic right now, too. Blech!