Sunday, August 29, 2010

WW: colorblock dresses

I scored this amazing vintage dress about a month ago at my local Goodwill. I love the shape and color {I am a sucker for navy}! Plus, although the colorblocking is super modern, the silhouette gives it its retro feel.

dress: Goodwill
Belt: vintage
shoes: F21

dang, I just realized how un-copyable my outfit is. sorry.

I don't want to leave you high and dry with no other inspiration besides a Goodwill treasure. So, I have been hunting for a good alternative to my vintage dress. Colorblock dresses are actually all over the place these days, but you have to be careful. Choose one that hits the knee so it doesn't look too baby-dollish. Fortunately, the look is also super easy to fake. All you need is a crisp blouse and high-waisted pencil skirt.
{which are wardrobe staples already, am I right?!}


The Greggersens said...

So that 2nd dress down is from F21??? I can't find it anywhere

Courtney Rogers said...

Oh my gosh I just saw it yesterday, they must have sold out!! I'm so sorry! Keep checking back on the link, they might be it back on there.

Caton Ann said...

i want the F21 top sooo badly! love this whole post!

The Bella Life said...

I swear I bought the exact same dress at the Thrift Store last year. What brand is yours?