Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair: Most Wanted


{almost} Every week I have clients bringing in celebrity pictures of hair they love. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you who's picture has made it's way into my hands more than once.
With that, I give you...
The HOT list.

Victoria Beckham. duh.

Heidi Klum. Love both looks on her.
Olivia Palermo. Gorg chocolaty brown locks.
Is it any surprise that she's on here twice? Many coveted her highlighted hair as well.
Carrie Underwood. LOVE her creamy color.
Jessica Biel. Have you seen her new Revlon commercials?
Her hair looks absolutley FAB in those.
Joan Holloway. Have you seen anything more babilicious?
Jennifer Aniston. Again, no shock there. Her hair is dreamy.

SO many fantastic celebrity hair inspirations out there. Who's do - do you envy?

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famofboys said...

I want Jessica Biels color and layers soooooo bad!

Speedy Gonzales said...

Ugh!-Hate Heidi Klum's new crop, looks like a bad mom cut, been watching her show and it's not growing on me. But definitely agree with the rest )

Jamie said...

I use to bring in Jeanie Garth but now I bring in Reese Witherspoon. I always want her long straight style with her bangs and her color is perfect-O to me! I aspire to be her!

JD and Hillary Darner said...

I couldn't agree more about Heidi's newest do. However please take note that this is an old pic not the short choppy mullet she is now sporting!

Chris + Tatiana said...

I used to always bring in Victoria Beckham's pictures. Now that I am trying to grow put my hair I totally love Kate Beckinsale's hair. She is gorgeous. Especially in the movie 'Click'. The color,the style, everything is so perfect.

Tanner and Shasta said...

Marisa Miller!

Courtney Rogers said...

Zooey, Julia, Lea Michele... need I continue?!

Connie said...

Yep, I am a Posh Spice hair envier :)