Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Awards 2010

And the Winners are...
honestly? I couldn't really tell you. But I can {always} give you my opinion on red carpet looks. Oh, and we can't forget the not-so-best dressed because {let's face it} we can't-not go there. Follow my journey of the Emmy's; best to Ew!

First let's enter the
BEST section.

My favorite look of the whole night {drumroll please}

Lea Michele
in a BEAUTIFUL Oscar de la Renta Gown.
I love the statement necklace.
also. has anyone else noticed how skinny she is these days?

Claire Danes in a close second.
She looked SO beautiful in Armani Prive.
Was it just my TV or was her dress the most shimmery perfection you've ever seen.
The ONLY reason I didn't give her first place was because her eye makeup looked so muddy.
You can't really tell in the pics below, but please tell me I'm not the only one that noticed?
January Jones.
LOVE the cobalt blue on her flawless skin. I also love that she took a chance with this dress.
On some of the post emmy shows her hair got slammed but I'll be the first to say I like it. Very refreshing, very Glamourous!

Now, come with me to the Pretty Dresses Section.

Heidi Klum.
Talk about taking chances. She wore a {very} mini Marchesa. But with those legs I can't really fault her. Love her accessories. I only wish there wasn't as much volume on the hip area?
Keri Russell.
She looks so classy. Refreshing pop of color. She only loses some points with me with her shoe choice. It's nothing atrocious. Just a few points.
Kim Kardashian.
I was neither here nor there about this look. It's just not my favorite. I thought her jewelry was fantastical but everything else was kind of forgettable.
Sofia Vergara.
Hair: Perfection. Makeup: Perfection. Dress: I'm on the fence. This woman is so stunningly beautiful that she could wear anything. This dress just didn't call out to me.
Diana Agron.
Such a beautiful girl. Not crazy about the dress. I felt the look was too matronly for her young self. Stunning from the neck- up.
Christina Hendricks.
This lady can hardly do wrong in my book. She is just GORG. This Zac Posen dress fits her beautifully. The only reason she made it into the "pretty" section was because it doesn't compare with previous award show looks she's had.
BAD Section
Enter at your own Risk!

The lipstick. The bow. The Prom dress gone wrong. The jewelry with the dress. Ay yi yi!
Dear Jewel, if you're reading this. I'm sorry. I think you have a beautiful voice!

Kate Gosselin.
Love to hate her. {had to say it} Why the bang swoop? Why? And secondly, what are you doing at the Emmys?
Rita Wilson.
Here we have my least favorite look of the night.
Chicken wire-over-nurse uniform with disco plastic dangle shoes?
What a mouthful. Don't even get me started on the shellacked hair situation.

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Jen said...

I would have put Diana's dress in the bad section. It's like southern belle meets goth and it is not working at all.
What happened, Rita Wilson?! Those shoes are HIDEOUS, but I am even more shocked that some one of her age would pick them out. It's the type of thing I'd expect to see at the VMA's.

Melissa said...

I'm with ya i couldn't tell ya who won what i just watch to see all the gowns and celebs. But seriously did Claire Danes get some serious plastic surgery??? She didn't even look like herself, unless i haven't seen her in awhile.

lorie said...

YOU make my DAY!!!

Jamie said...

Kill me but I actually liked Jewel's dress. But I really love Jewel so maybe I'm not critical enough. I just loved the blush color.
I also have to disagree on Keri Russel. I liked the color but I thought it hit her like mid calf which looked a little weird to me. Isn't it fun!

minyon said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said Hillary!! Probably liked Claire's dress the most, gorgeous!!

Caton Ann said...

I love love love January Jones! and this post in general thank you for the fashion re-cap