Sunday, July 18, 2010


This Weekend Wardrobe begins with a story of triumph: Remember when I told you how much I love this necklace? Well even though $42 may be cheap for Anthropologie, alas, it is still not in my budget. So, I did what any girl would do: ask my significant other to splurge on it for my birthday! But when I went online to see if they still carried the necklace, I was thoroughly rewarded for my patience in purchasing because it was now on sale for $19.99! Yay!

That being said, the dress in this WW had been an object of my desire for a few weeks. Then I saw my cute friend Carli wearing it at her baby shower it pushed me over the edge! {I give credit where credit is due}

Dress: Target {couldn't find the link online but it is still in stores}
Black undershirt: {the dress is a tank top.} Down East Basics
Necklace: Anthropologie
Mustard and gray shoes: Last Chance

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angela hardison said...

i adore that necklace, but i have way too much mustard yellow in my home/wardrobe already. also, i have that dress (in the other color option) -- i must say i love it! the length is great, and it's so comfy.

Rachel Hagen said...

LOVE this outfit. I'm going to copy. Buying the necklace right now. If only I could find that dress. I don't think my target has it.

Rachel said...

I'm loving this outfit! And your arms are so skinny! They look amazing!