Sunday, June 6, 2010

WW Bargains

Hudson and I went on a double date last night, and I wanted my outfit to be casual but updated with a fun summer twist. In this case, it was bright pink lips!
(Show Orchid lipstick from MAC)

Don't be annoyed with me, but my whole outfit is from Gap. Boring, I know. But seriously they should start paying me commission. Them and Ann Taylor Loft. But whatever.

ANYWAY, what is not boring about it is the secret I will share with you all: The prices I got everything for!!

Black Tuxedo shirt: {they were buy one get one half-off, so, naturally, I got a white one too}
Full price: $29.50, got it for $22.
Dark cutoffs: Full price: $49.50, got them for $25 {plus I had $15 in rewards dollars from my Gap credit card, so I actually only paid $5. Score! and btw, these are the most COMFY shorts I own, they feel like PJ's! But buyer beware, they run a size small}
hot pink Belt: Full Price: 19.50, got it for $2.50
caramel colored gladiator sandals {still in stores, not online}: Full Price: $39.50, got them for $23.

Ok so I am no math whiz, but I do own a calculator. This total outfit (before tax) was supposed to be $138, but I spent $52.50. My secret? DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FULL PRICE AT GAP. All of their clothing goes on sale, and all their sale goes an additional percentage off. Plus there is ALWAYS specials going on! Wait to buy at the right moment, and you can get some slammin' deals! {Like me!!}

PS Are you getting sick of my all-Gap outfits? I admit, I am going through quite a Gap phase right now. BUT I did link the stuff they still carry online if anyone needs to itch their Gap scratch too.

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