Monday, June 21, 2010


ok. So here's the scoop on this WW.

C and I are both on this little self-imposed spending freeze and with the addition of me being not so creative this weekend I chose to forego Weekend Wardrobe. But don't fret because it's not like I haven't been on the lookout for what I'm buying come July 1st when this whole "no clothes" gig is up!

these shorts are gap.
these cropped skinnies are gap
this oversized toddler cardi from gap
baby shirt, gap
{they have cute cute black skinny jeans that look killer with this shirt}
but i couldn't find them online
stella mccarteny skinnies with zippers; gap
why did I find so much at gap?
ooo maybe because they are having up to 40% off sale locally!

Ending today is 15% off tank tops at
American Apparrel {i might have to cheat on my spending freeze for this, it's practically once in a lifetime!}

these racerback dresses are so cute for summer
and seriously. These tanks fit SO well.
They are fitted and ribbed for your delight {ha!}

I thought this pettiskirt was to die for.
is it sad that I can't bring myself to spend $48 on it??

I also came across this shirt from Target. It would be so so cute with a shade/downeast shirt under. YES, more ruffles! Find it here.

OH! And I may or may not have accidently bought a swimsuit. But i had to. Practically was held at gunpoint. It is SO flattering, i am in love. See it here.

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The Rogers said...

Seriously, why did you have to tell me about the Gap sale? You know I cannot resist an additional 40% off. I am sweating and verging on panic mode if I can't buy some clothing for myself SOON!!